Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark in early January

Started the year right with travel! Spent 4 days in Copenhagen with my big sister, and it was fun catching up with her!

I took the buss ( from Oslo, which took about 8 hours. It was nerve-wracking, because I forgot to bring my passport. I had my visa card, tickets and photos of the passport on my phone though (from our trip to London). Going to CPH, there was no border control, but on the way back, Swedish police was on the watch just after crossing Øresund bridge. XD Guess it helped that I spoke in Norwegian and explained briefly the situation.

The best thing to do in situations like that? Be honest. That always works in Scandinavia.

So, what did I do in CPH? Eat.. go shopping with sister.. pay the (new) Philippine embassy a visit to ask for advice about the forgotten passport (they couldn’t do anything though).. geocache.. buy books and read.. And my sister showed her workplace to me! It was a brief stay, but that was enough! Så det var det.. 🙂


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