RoadTrip #3: An afternoon drive w/o a destination (Horten, Spiralen)

This trip started as something random. I just completed participating in the first week of lectures for masters, and still had some time to spare during the last day. So carl and I hopped on “Missan” (portmanteau from Missy, our cat, and Nissan, the car) for a short roadtrip, which led us to the coastal town of Horten and to watching the sunset on Spiraltoppen. 🙂

Our route c/o Google Maps

The drive led us to the coastal town of Horten in Vestfold kommune. Located along the Oslofjord, the town has a port being ran by Bastø Fosen, with ferries travelling to and from the town of Moss in Viken county. It was an afternoon drive, so there was a bit of a queue, but it was not like the traffic in Manila which could go on for hours. 😉

Lovely weather

In Horten, we stopped by a small pizza place with high ratings and good reviews on Google, the Chilli Pizzeria. Carl commented that the workers were service-oriented. We shared a big pizza, which we did not manage to finish despite the awesome goodness! We’ll consider eating there again if we pass by Horten.

Thin crust!

We explored the coast/port (Gjestehavn) a bit and hunted for some geocaches. It seemed like a peaceful town, but the wind! Oh the wind.. 😀

“Lykke” (Happiness” sculpture by Arne Durban, 1993
Windy beach
Playground in Horten

Afterwards, we walked towards the Karljohansvern, an island separated from the main land by a narrow canal. There, we saw bomb shelters and old canons. We only saw a small part of the island, so we porobably should have explored more.

Exploring the coast
The canal separating Karljohansvern (to the right) from the main land (left)
Private boats
Bridge to Karljohansvern
Community open mini library

So, who’s Karl Johan? There’s also a famous main street in Oslo named Karl Johan, which is lined with shops, and goes all the way from the Central Station to the Palace. Karl Johan was King of Norway and Sweden from 1818 to 1844. According to and Wikipedia, he’s originally from France, born as Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, and worked his way up the political ladder by becoming a soldier and later, a general. He was then appointed heir to the childless Swedish King Charles XIII.


Karljohansvern served as the main base for the Royal Norwegian Army from 1850-1963.

Horten’s coast
Horten’s coast
Super, mega windy!
Super mega windy!

At kl 18:30, we back on the road..

Driving home

… but we didn’t go straight home. We decided to go up Spiraltoppen via the 1.65 km tunnel shaped like a spiral/helix, the Spiralen or Drammen Spiral. It had undergone renovation, and they added some blue lights and troll features.

Drammen Spiral
Cruising up the spiraled tunnel

On top, there’s the Spiralen Cafe, which was already closed, and the amazing sunset over our beloved city..

Spiralen Cafe
Sunset @ Spiraltoppen
Sunset @ Spiraltoppen
Sunset @ Spiraltoppen
Sunset @ Spiraltoppen

What a way to end the day, right? And to celebrate the first week of Missan with us. XD Cheers to more roadtrips!

Good job, Missan & hubby! 😉


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