RoadTrip #4: Taking the shortest ferry route in Norway (Svelvik-Verket)

After some busy days at work, Carl and I hopped on to Missan and drove along the coast to the town of Svelvik, which is now part of Drammen in the Viken County since January 2020. It used to be its own “kommune” and belonging to the Vestfold county. The plan was to look for geocaches around the area, take the shortest ferry route in Norway, and drive back home while picking up caches along the way. 🙂 We’re still having some late summer weather, and we’ll enjoy it for as long as we can!

Our route c/o Google Maps

I just came from a day shift when we left for Svelvik, around 16:30, so I was still a bit groggy. Plus, it didn’t help that I stopped drinking coffee. What really helped was that the sun was high up and shining at 25C, the skies clear, and Carl was also in the mood for a short drive.

Coastal drive with twists and turns

The town of Svelvik lies on the southern bank of the Drammensfjord, which flows towards the Oslofjord. I think that that the city is most known for agriculture and production of apples, plums and strawberries. 😛 And of course, the shortest ferry route in the country!

In Svelvik, we visited the Church (Svelvik kirke) from 1859, designed by Wilhelm Hanstein.

Svelvik kirke
Art installation by Svelvik kirke

There’s also the Svelvik Museum which exhibits the authentic Forsberg shop, which was in business from 1882 to 1957. It looks like a typical sari-sari store (convenience store) in PH. 🙂 As it was past 15:00, the museum was already closed.

Svelvik Museum

We then satisfied our palates with some delicious food at Dreggen Kro & Verthus, located right by the waters.

Chocolate fondant @ Dreggen Kro & Vertshus
Watching the ferry go back and forth from Dreggen Kro & Vertshus

After dinner, we drove to the port and while waiting, walked around Lallaparken in search of caches. 🙂

Lallaparken in Svelvik
Svelvik, now part of Drammen

Before we knew it, it was time to cross the channel! Through these roadtrips, Carl and I are learning more and more about Norway and it’s traffic system. I love how automatic things are! From riding ferries to doing car washes. 🙂 It’s amazing! I just hope we will not receive surprise invoices when we least expect them. haha!

Our turn to board the ferry
Fjord1 in Svelvik

As I’ve mentioned the Svelvikstrøm is a small sound in the Drammensfjord, and measures about 200 meters (184 meters from Svelvik to Verket), so the whole trip only took 5 minutes! According to wikipedia, it is one of Norway’s strongest currents. For ferry schedule and prices, check here:

Svelvik from the other side’

The other side is called Verket, named after the glass factory Schimmelmanns glassverk, which was in operation from 1782 to 1832. Verket is still part of Svelvik, but has only about 130 inhabitants, acoording to wikipedia.

Before we left Verket, we hunted some geocaches, and even got some nice help from a local geocacher there! It was a very sweet gesture 🙂

Geocaching in Verket
Verket’s coast

Driving from Verket through Hurum, Røyken, Spikkestad, Gullaug and further home, was a bliss! Really nice nature, stretches of rolling hills and golden fields, and some sand industries.

Stopping by Klokkarstua to pick up a cache
Really steep nearby location for a cache!
Searching for geocaches!
One of the caches in the area! Found it!

Carl is hopefully getting the hang of driving through swings, twists and turns! We also passed by the Hurum church to hunt for more geocaches. Oh, the places we discover through geocaching!

Hurum church is a medieval era church from ca 1150, and has about 150 seats.

Hurum kirke
A memorial by Hurum kirke

And here are more views from the drive back home. 🙂

Golden fields!
Driving in Norway
Oslofjord at a distance
Take me home, country road..

We arrived home around 19:30, and yet, the sun was still up! Cheers to more roadtrips!



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