RoadTrip #5.1: Camping by Lake Losna in Innlandet county, Norway

We are not yet ready to say goodbye to summer, so we went on a 5-day roadtrip across Norway, from east to west. 🙂 We left Wednesday afternoon, at around 15:30, and reached the small village of Tretten in Øyer municipality, Innlandet county by 20:30. Tretten, with a population of only about 900, is situated by the peaceful Lake Losna, which flows to the Gudbrandsdalslågen river.

Our route, c/o Google maps

It took us a while to get to Mageli Camping and Cabins (og hytter) because it was rush hour, there was some veiarbeid (road work).. and due to my amazing navigation skills, we had to turn around in one instance. Lol. Sarcasm aside, Carl said I was improving with the navigation, but really, it’s up to how tired I am.

So, we drove from Drammen to Oslo (heaviest traffic congestion during the trip), Hamar, Lillehammer, and eventually, Tretten.

Driving past Oslo Airport

But generally, the drive was smooth. We had a short stop in Eidsvoll, at the Andelva resting place. I really like that in Norway, there are many resting places where you can stretch out a bit, walk a bit, visit the loo, or catch a geocache. The Andelva, for example, greeted us with its blue waters and cozy atmosphere. It flows from the Hurdalssjøen (lake) to Vorma river, and has a length of 15 kilometers.

Andelva rasteplass
Andelva rasteplass
Andelva rasteplass

Moving on, we drove along Lake Mjøsa, the largest and fourth deepest lake in Norway. It also splits some parts of the counties of Viken and Innlandet. Tunnels, winding roads, beautiful scenery.. until we finally reached the camping place, which was actually just an alternative. We did look up camping places, but decided that we stopped by “there” where we feel like stopping. No stress. 🙂

On the road
On the road
Veiarbeid; On the road
Wood Hotel in Brumunddal; an 85-m tall wood tower
On the road to the Olympic city of Lillehammer

We, or rather I, didn’t really want to continue on the road when it’s night dark, or pitch dark in some spots, so we decided to call it a day and set up our automatic tent in Mageli Camping and Cabins. We didn’t make it to the reception’s open hours, which was until 20:00, so we just rang the owners. They told us that they open again at 08:30 the next day, so we said that we will wait for them before we leave. 🙂

The camping place was big, with spots for fast customers, cabins, caravan, trailers and tents w/ or w/o cars. There was no numbered or reserved spaces, so visitors can choose the spot but must have 3 meters space in between/from other visitors.

Mageli Camping og Hytter
Mageli Camping og Hytter; playground
Camping by Lake Losna

Before really, really calling it a day, we went for an “overview” walk around the camping place. It looked really nice, although it was dark, and funny, the cabins were named after cities from warmer places, like Manila, Malta, Madeira etc.

Mageli Camping and Cabins
Mageli Camping and Cabins
Mageli Camping and Cabins
Mageli Camping and Cabins

Camping at Mageli was nice, although it was really windy and cold that time. 🙂

Camping @ Mageli Camping and Cabins

In the morning, we used the facilities to freshen up. Carl flew his drone to take some nice aerial shots, which the receptionist asked for copies, and I took some photos as well. We paid ca 200 kroner. I also bought some postcards from there. The place looked more awesome during the day, so here are some of my favorite shots!

Good morning, Lake Losna!
Lake Losna
Lake Losna, up close
Lake Losna

So, this was the first leg of our long road trip! 🙂 Until the next entry! ❤


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