RoadTrip #6.4: Dalsnibba – Geiranger Skywalk, top of the world vibes @ 1500 meters above sea level!

As mentioned in the previous entry, we arrived in Geiranger at around 4pm, had dinner, and decided to traverse the roads leading up to the Dalsnibba – Geiranger Skywalk. The sun sets late in Norway during summer, so we had to make the most of it. From the name itself, it was a very high viewing platform, about 1500 meters in height, located on the Dalsnibba mountain. It is dubbed as the highest fjord view by road in Europe!

Otw to Dalsnibba viewing platform

From the very beginning of the roadtrip to the destination, it was seriously an exhilirating experience. I thought to myself- would we make it? Should we turn back? But thanks to Carl’s newly acquired skills, we made it. We were amazed by the views, and I felt really small at that time – like an ant climbing up a hill.

Some sections with rails
Others with rocks

As you can see on the photos above, some sections of the road are protected by rails, while some parts are only guided by rocks. You can also guess that the temperature was dropping, spotting the snow cape on top of the mountains. Did I mention it was late summer when we did this trip?

Higher altitude

Driving along Road 63, we then turned towards the smaller toll road to the left, called the Nibbevegen. The fork is situated by the Djupvatnet lake, a 2-square kilometer lake at 1016 meters above sea level. If you are leaving Geiranger, you just continue driving road 63 around this beautiful big lake.

Djupvatnet (lake)

Nibbevegen was opened in 1939 as one of the most ambitious tourist roads in Norway. I could attest to that! Some sections seemed like it was leading nowhere! I even remember praying for the car not to stop while we were going up the mountain. XD According to VisitNorway, the road normally opens in May and closes in October. So glad we made it before the season ended.

The toll gate
Nervewracking Nibbevegen
Just keep climbing!
Probably the scariest section – on top and no barriers!

Ready to see the view from up there? I had to hold my bladder that time – cold, high, and the tourist senter was already closed at 18:30 pm. Anyway, we really enjoyed being at the top (literally). The Skywalk was officially opened in 2016. The platform was made of plastic, if I remember correctly, with holes in them so you can see the ground below. And there were glass barriers. From up there, you get amazing views of Geiranger and the Blåbreen glacier!

Hello Geiranger!
The winding zigzag road that leads to Dalsnibba
Just wow!
In awe!

The Skywalk was a perfect place for me to take a break and start appreciating life again, or even more. The views were stunning, and I felt very proud of my husband who, in spite of his fear of heights, managed to take me there, to places I only imagined going to before. I felt free, alive and grateful.

Do you see where we parked? 🙂
By hikers

Dalsnibba was really another side of Norway one can feel very proud about. I was thankful that they made it accessible for anyone – not just professional hikers. I already said it before, when I arrived in Norway and had the chance to visit the Lofoten islands. Yet, I would say it again – Norway is a paradise!

View from the other side of the skywalk
Cheers to motivation!

The sun was still up when we drove back down to Geiranger. It was as thrilling as climbing up, as it required control and concentration on the part of the brave driver 😉

Driving down
Hello again, Djupvatnet (lake)!
Watch out! Low gear!
Cabins dotting the mountainside

What an experience to end the day with. Back in the camping site, we settled in the tent and called it a day. At midnight, I took a peek outside and found thousands (or millions?) of stars! It was pitch dark, but I could hear the rushing waters of the river nearby.

Wish I may, wish I might..
..all my dreams come true tonight!

I am happy to have experienced this roadtrip with my husband. Truly, there are still so many things to visit and experience in Norway (and the world). We’ll take it one step at a time. 🙂 Up next.. can you really say you have been to Geiranger if you didn’t sail the fjord? #spreadlove #positivevibes



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