RoadTrip #7.3: Lom, the gateway to the Jotunheimen mountains and home to an 864-year old stave church

Lom is a undeniably one of the most beautiful municipalities I’ve visited. It is surrounded by towering mountains, and the buildings sprouting on the edges. There’s just something in the place that’s refreshing. We stopped over Lom to visit the stave church dating from 1158, but I ended up also exploring the place a bit by foot. Lom sits in the midst of the two highest mountains in Norway (Galdhøppigen at 2469 meters, and Glittertind at 2464 meter) and is known as the gateway to the Jotunheimen mountains and national park.

Lom stave church

Lom stave church is a triple nave stave church, which is one of the oldest types of stave churches in Norway. Luckily, the church was still open for visitors when we came. It has a beautiful wooden brown facade in front and can seat up to 350 people. Interestingly, the back facade was black.

Lom stave church, as seen from the back
Beautiful Lom stave church!

Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to see the interior of the church. Just like the other stave churches we’ve visited, I was amazed by the woodwork and the handpaintings.

Interior of the Lom stave church
The Altar
The ceiling with hand drawn paintings

I asked the staff at the entrance if they sell postcards. He said that they don’t, but opened the cabinet and gave me many postcards – saying that they were old! They’re actually beautiful ones, featuring the doorhandle, and the dragon roofcorner! So happy to visit stave churches, and my favorite were the one giving out free postcards. Yes, it also happened before.

According to, Lom stave church has the biggest collection of paintings, and most of them were done by Eggert Munch. They also discovered 2000 coins and a love message on a rune stick during an excavation in 1973. Super cool!

It’s hard to give justice to the beauty of the place through pictures, but still, I try. The photo below shows some of the houses in the valley, and boy, the blue green waters was refreshing to look at on a bright summer day!


I went to the Museum (which was closed) and the Visitor Center in search of more affordable postcards, but to no avail. Then, we stopped by the river – it was beautiful!

Visitor Center
Beautiful Lom
Could stay in Lom longer..
..and indulge in its beauty..

.. but we have a Scenic Road to take and Kaupanger is waiting. 🙂 So we said goodbye to Lom, and the road trip continued.

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