RoadTrip #8.2: From Hemsedal to Drammen, ft. the Gardnos Meteorite Park and geocaching along the way

This is the last part of our 4-day roadtrip in September 2021. The main attraction for the last leg of the journey, in my opinion, would be a visit to the Gardnos Meteorite Park. Aside from that, we stopped over places that Geocaching took us, like the Gulsvik brygge by Krøderen lake, Veikåker chapel, Snarum train station and church, and the Embretsfoss hydropower plants.

Passing by Gol

We were actually not planning on visiting Gardnos. We had not heard about it neither! But some spontaneity (mostly coming from my husband’s side) led us up in the mountain somewhere in Nesbyen. Oh, what a tarpaulin sign can do! The park offers guided tours in summer, but we were late for the season, so we had to kind of explore it on our own.

Allured by this publicity sign!
Gardnos Meteorite Park

It would have been nice to have a guide through the woods, but it went ok anyway. There were signs and explanations. Some fun facts about Gardnos:

  • it is one of the most accessible meteor craters in the world
  • the meteor is believed to have had a diameter of 300 meter and a speed of 72 000 km/hr!
  • it is also believed that the meteor reached earth about 546 millions years ago
  • the crater formed from the explosion is about 5 kilometers in diameter!

More information about the park here:

Gardnos crater
So much earth science
Might be slippery! Here’s a scale for you

The surrounding nature was just peaceful and calm – perfect for satisfying someone’s craving for green space.

I preferred walking on this path
The visitor center, which was closed.

I recommend a visit in the park in summer, when one can avail an expert guide. I’m sure there’s much information we missed, and more hidden areas we did not see.

At around 1 pm, we stopped over a nice gasoline station by Gulsvik brygge. There, we had scrumptious lunch at Hallingporten Cafe and Bistro, which I also highly recommend! I had some asian food, while Carl had some burger. Happy tummy!


To burn down the calories, we went for a geocache near the water! Oh boy, I had to use my spiderman powers to reach the cache, if I remember correctly.

Krøderen lake by the Hallingporten cafe & bistro

The rest of the journey was spent enjoying the ride, and picking up geocaches. Here are some the of the hiding spots we visited:

Veikåker chapel from 1934
Snarum train station
Snarum chuch from 1869

And last but not the least, the Embretsfoss hydropower plants in Åmot. Unfortunately, we did not find the cache there… Even for a DNF, it was worth a visit, catching a glimpse of the Drammen river from a different angle. The powerplants started operating in 1916.

Embretsfoss kraftverk
Drammen river in Åmot, by the Embretfoss kraftverk

We reached the Skoger dyrehotell, where Missy stayed while we were away for 4 days, at around 4pm. We missed her so much, and really hoped that she was well taken cared of over there. She heard my voice and came running to me from a cathole when we picked her up! ❤ She slept so well at home that day!

Min yndlingskatt, elskling Missy! ❤

Missy got her EU pass and rabies vaccine last week, so she won’t be staying in a cathotel when we travel for some days within Scandinavia. Right now, we’re trying to get her used to the car and driving. 🙂 More roadtrips in the next entries! #spreadloveandpositivevibes!



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