RoadTrip #12: A short visit to the picturesque seaside town of Arendal – the 3rd time around!

I’ve been in Arendal a couple of times before, when we stayed overnight, like a weekend getaway. This time was just a quick visit. A few months ago, the city opened its glass elevator to viewpoint in Fløyheia. It made a fuss because a civilian stole the show and cut off the ribbon before the mayor did. He said that it was an act of protest against the improper use of the of the people’s taxes. So, is the glass lift worth a try? Carl had a worktrip there in September 2021, and I took the chance to visit the beautiful city, which inspired Arendelle in the movie Frozen, for the third time.

Beautiful sunrise otw to Arendal!

The offices where Carl had work was coincidentally on top of Fløyheia, so I only had to get off the car the walk a short distance to the glass heis (lift). The last times we were there, there was no lift, so I heard Carl complain that he had to take a bus down to the city center, or walk. Arendal has narrow roads and a hilly terrain. We saw the ports and coastal areas, which I should probably blog about next time, so this entry will not be very comprehensive. Anyway, before I use the glass heis, I decided to explore the hilltop a bit.

The hilltop, which is visible from the city center, is home to the offices of the Statsforvalteren, formerly called Fylkesmannen, or like.. the governor’s office. According to several sources, it offers the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. It also has the wind vane, and a viewing tower (which is no longer in use) for the fire department.

A path in Fløyheia leading to..
.. a bench? Nope..
.. this. Hello, beautiful Arendal!
When hubby’s not there to take a photo XD

It was windy and freezing cold up there, so I walked back down towards the glass heis. There were two lifts which could fit up to 42 people in total. It was officially opened in August 2021, and although many people were disappointed because more money was used to build the heis that what was intended, visitors and local tried to make the most out of the situation. While I was there, there were even groups of students on outdoor activities who used the elevator. Thinking that I work for the governor, they let me get in first. XD

There’s a viewing platform adjacent to the doors to the elevator, when one can sit down and admire the beauty of the city. The Trinity Church really stole the show with its red color and towering height.

Walking towards the lift
The viewing platform
Refreshing views
The Trinity Church, built in 1888, in the midst of it all

The lift took me down and out in a pink tunnel, which mouths toward the city square, with the playground and the library and the shops.

Although it’s pink, it’s still seemed dodgy..
The Glass Lift and Fløyheia, as seen from the city square

I went to the bookshop, where I bought cheap postcards before, and then just went hunting for some Geocaches. There weren’t many left because Carl and I took most of them already during the previous visits. Then, I bought some warm bread from a local bakery, and gotten an SMS from Carl that he was done. Already? Hehe So, the walk was cut short.

The Trinity Church

In general, I think that the glass lift was a convenient way to go up and down the hill, and the workers in the governor’s office are the one really benefitting from the project. Otherwise, people can easily navigate the streets to get up the hill, use some exercise or something. Drammen also has a viewing point called Spiraltoppen, which is reachable by the Spiralen tunnel or by foot. There were “talks” of building like a small cable car to get tourists there easily, but it never materialize.

And oh, the glass heis in Arendal is free, as most elevators in Norway are. XD

This is all for now. Off to my evening shift! #spreadloveandpositivevibes


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