RoadTrip #17.2: A history of Swedish automobile technology and design @ the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan

Trollhättan was the birthing place of the Swedish branded cars, Saab Automobile AB, founded in 1945. Its parent company, Saab AB, is a Swedish aerospace and defence company established in 1937 and is still in operation today. We visited the car museum and appreciated the technology and design employed in the manufacturing of the state-of-the-art vehicles during its years of production. 70 cars were on display, although they have more in the collection.

Saab Car Musem in Trollhättan, Sweden
I’m quite familiar with this kind of toys

After declaring bankruptcy in 2011, the automobile branch was aquired by the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which manufactures electric cars only in China at present. It was a sad story, but the history of the Swedish branded cars lives on.. Here are some of the shots I’ve taken from the museum, with permission from the staff.

Crescent – a Swedish moped brand
It’s a fancy era
What a sleek car!

Carl and I are not “car-people”, meaning to say that we are often after convenience and practicality, much more than aesthetics and design. He told me that his mom used to have a Saab car, and pointed the model to me. It was a nice car, I’d say – a 900 Turbo, which has a “ledge” in the back..

The 900 turbo
Fancy, with more than enough distance in between the seats
Saab car line up
A cute race car, in Swedish colors

The Saab Turbo car below has a world record for driving 2 laps around the world, 100, 000 kms at 213.299 kms per hour!

Saab Turbo

I have more pictures, but I’m only including these ones. They also have exhibitions of the car’s parts, and aeroplanes, too! Read more about the Saab Museum here: And the Saab Automobile here: The museum also has a souvenir shop, but the postcards are oversized. Nevertheless, I still bought some for Postcrossing.

A bridge opening up, located by the parking lot of the Saab Car Museum

The drive back home was smooth! We had some Asian for lunch, and did some grocery shopping at Nordby Shopping Center before finally crossing the border back to Norway.

Nom! Asian tummy satisfied!
Driving in Strömstad, Sweden
Luxus shake @ Nordby Shopping Center
Crossing the border in Svinesund

After traversing through the Oslo Tunnel, we had a quick final stop over in this rastplass to stretch our legs, and I even managed to catch a geocache in the are. I also found this lovely viewpoint tower, which gave an opportunity to grab a nice shot of the eastern side of Norway. It was getting dark and creepy at that time though, but I composed myself, trying to convince myself that the woods was safe and that I was not hearing wolves or whatever!

Somewhere after Oslo Tunnel
Hello Oslo fjord! The view from the wooden tower

Thankfully, we managed to be back before evening to this cuddly gray cat! It was an overall great, yet quick, evening trip to Trollhättan. Cheers to more roadtrips! #spreadloveandpositivevibes


Extra sweet and cuddly

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