RoadTrip #19.2: Fanthyttan and its limestone and dolomite quarry

About 10 kilometeres north of Lindesberg is the village of Fanthyttan (which I still find fascinating to pronounce with the distinct Swedish accent). There lies the yellow house where my husband grew up. The place seemed very rural, surrounded by nature, and the houses are placed far apart from each other. Also hidden in the woods is Kalkbrottet (limestone quarry), with its deep blue-green waters.

Otw to Fanthyttan
Husband’s childhood home
Agricultural land
The kindergarten, with its many changes
Summer job for a young boy

My husband also pointed out some quirky buildings in the area, like a house with the front porch directly facing the road and an old tower.

Look out when you go out..

Then, we drove into a forest, which was challenging at first, but Missan + my husband’s driving skills proved to be a helpful combination. He wanted to show me a big limestone quarry which has been a touristic spot for bathing and fishing in the latter years. The limestone and dolomite deposit was discovered and mined first in 1899.

An old quarry
Almost there

The Klakbrottet (literally, limestone quarry) was a refreshing place. We even met some men camping and grilling there, probably having a break. We didn’t spend much time there, didn’t see the quarry in other angles, but I was glad to experience a portion of it for myself.

What a beauty
Just me in by Kalkbrottet
Blue space
How deep is your depth?

After that, we continue the trip and drove towards Gråboda to pay my mother in law a quick visit. The drive was smooth, and we saw farmy animals here and there. Until we reached home again before the day ended.

Driving to Gråboda
Passed by Karlskoga, where Alfred Nobel had his last residence in a manor house called Björkborns herrgård

So, that’s new glimpses of the Swedish inner landscape for me. Cheers to more roadtrips and visiting places that mean something!




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