RoadTrip #22: Nordre älvs estuarium and Sillvik beach in Gothenburg, Sweden

For this entry, we took a weekend trip to Sweden, staying in Lilleby Camping which is situated by the Sillvik beach and the Nordre Älvs estuarium – a nature reserve consisting of 7, 226 hectares of islands and islets, a portion of the river Nordre Älv, meadows, swamps, forests and rocky areas, which do not only offer a recreational location for humans, but an important breeding ground for fishes, birds, other animals, and plants. We also have Missy during the trip, so it was extra special. It was her first trip abroad! ❤

Crossing the border between Norway and Sweden

It was time for Missy’s first trip abroad. She got her EU-pass and necessary vaccinations, and practice driving with us in the afternoons. Our chosen destination: Sweden. We would stay in a cabin in Lilleby Camping by the Gothenburg (Göteborg) archipelago, and the rest of the itinerary we will figure out when we get there. She behaved well during the “juleborte” cabin experience, so we were hopeful that this one would go just as well. 🙂

Rain, rain go away!

We left home around 12:30 pm. It was a bit cloudy, yes, but didn’t expect that by the time we reach Gothenburg, the skies would pour its eyes out on us. The roads were clear, despite being in the middle winter (February), meaning, no snow. It felt like summer in the western coast of Sweden, despite it being winter in Norway. The trip supposedly was for 3 hours and 50 minutes, but lasted about 4 hours and 30 mins because of the stops to air out Missy.

When we got there, we were starving. So, as usual, it was time for some Swedish kebab pizza! I showed my mom a photo of it and she thought that it was cool – pizza has got vegetables (or salad!).

Thin crust kebab pizza – Swedish specialty!

Missy made herself comfortable, after some minutes exploring the cabin. It was not really a cabin-cabin, but a square apartment with full amenities. There were three bedrooms, but we only used one. There was a bathroom, a toilet, and kitchen and living room. It was nice because we could park the car outside at no extra costs. When we reached the cabin, we just relaxed and enjoyed some cozy family time. It was during the next day that we got to really see what the place had to offer.

Cozy time – nothing more, nothing less

The next morning, we get a full and better view of Lilleby/Göteborg Camping. It was still drizzling, but meh.. For more information, prices and availability, check their website here: We had to make sure that pets are allowed in the cabin we were staying, because they made it clear that there will be fines if we choose the wrong apartment. But on the day we were going there, they said that they “upgraded” the booking and made us stay in the apartment where pets were usually not allowed. But we let them decide, right? Not complaining here. 🙂

Lilleby Camping
The interior

The following day was spent roadtripping and shopping, but just me and Carl. I’ll write more about that in the next entry. When we got back a little after noon time, we went to the nearby beach – Sillviksbadet, or simply Sillvik. There, one can bathe (too cold in February!, and probably the whole year for me), grill, play, promenade or explore the nature reserve by foot. We also explored the nature reserve/ estuarium right by Sillvik beach.

Sillvik infoboard
Sillvik beach playground

I wonder if it’s difficult to maintain a nature reserve which sits just beside an inviting bathing place. But it’s Sweden, and Sweden is a country that cares much for nature in my personal opinion. Nordre Älvs estuarium is a designated nature reserve since 2001. More information about the nature reserve here: We explored the rocky coast, which gives amazing views of some of the islets and of Skagerrak, the strait that Norway, Sweden and Denmark share.

Nordre Älvs estuarium & nature reserve
Watch your steps!
Breathing in fresh coastal air

I also took the opportunity to take panoramic shot:

Nordre Älvs estuarium & nature reserve

I can only assume that this place would be teeming with people in summer. The views are amazing, and with the sunrays kissing those rocks? oh my. Can’t wait for summer!

Windy, but satisfied!

We went back to Missy again and she seemed to be really doing fine. So we took another quick drive to the big city center, hoping to get a bite of the biggest cinnamon bun in Sweden, or maybe the world. The hagabullen is exclusively sold by Cafe Husaren. We braved the rain and the traffic, but meh, to my disappointment, it was sold out. Better to call the cafe in advance before going there.

Some are only for decoration, @Cafe Husaren
Cafe Husaren

One disappointment after another. I bought some postcards from a souvenir shop nearby. Although it says 10 kr on the rack, the woman said it cost 15kr. Fine, I though, it’s pandemic and the business must be suffering. But then, she tried to sell me overpriced stamps as well! Surely, she didn’t know that I’m an avid Postcrosser, and therefore, aware of the postage prices in Sweden. I looked at my husband, and told the woman, no thanks. Then, complained at my husband for how the woman was taking advantage, like a typical passive-aggressive.

Anyway, we were in Gothenburg a few years ago. It’s a big city, and I can barely remember what we did there back then.

Hello again, Göteborg!
Public library
Old town Göteborg
Rainy in Göteborg

We were back to Missy after that, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing. Before the Sillvik beach and the quick trip to the city center, we took a roadtrip to Ullared, to the largest department store in Scandinavia, and to Tjolöholms slott (castle) in Halland. We even passed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Grimeton Radio Station in Halland. Writing about that in the next entry. 🙂 For now, Happy Easter monday! #spreadloveandpositivevibes

The narrow road to Lilleby Camping


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