LANZAROTE: Plane-watching at Lanzarote Airport and bar-hopping along the beaches of Matagorda, de Guasimeta, de los Pocillos, Grande and Chica – Day 4

On our 4th day on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, we decided to take the bus to the airport and watch planes landing. It really sounded very exciting to us that day! Carl even had an app that tracks landing planes real time, so we know when to get the camera ready. After that, we walked 10-12 kilometers, along the beautiful coast lined with parks, shops, restaurants, and beach resorts. As we follow the Spanish promenade, we enjoyed some ice cream, and visited a few bars to try a drink. I had the popular Canarian liquor coffee, an ice cream, and a pina colada. That’s most probably going to be the last bar-hopping for us. 😛

Took the bus from Puerto del Carmen to Matagorda
Needed to walk a few blocks to the airport

The weather was absolutely stunning early that morning. The sun was beaming. On the way were desert plants and art installations by a famous native artist, Cesar Manrique. There were a few early joggers, but other than that, the place had lots of empty spaces.

Art installations
More art installations
On the beach side of the promenade: this!
How cool is this paper plance statue?
So refreshing – but where is the airport?

Finally, we reached a good spot where we sat and waited for the planes to arrive. It was the first time we had such an activity – and it’s a good “Instagrammable” opportunity for visitors in Lanzarote.

Landing lights installed on the sea

Some planes had short intervals, others, about 30 minutes. We saw small planes and big commercial planes. I thought that it was going to be very loud, but it went actually fine.

Waiting for planes

The planes landed at fast speed, so it was a challenge for Carl to take photos of me. But I’m proud of him that he managed to take good ones. The photos all represert my love for travel, and for conquering my fear of flight every time. 🙂

A smaller plane with propellers
A commercial plane
Carl’s finger. XD My favorite shot!
Another smaller plane

After some time, the clouds went thicker, winds went gusting, and rain started to pour. I don’t know, but it might had been challenging to land the planes.

Instead of taking the bus going back, we decided to walk along the coast and try out some drinks. I have low alcoholic tolerance, so throughout the experience, I only had the Canarian barraquito liquor coffee and a pina colada. 😀 But I what I really enjoyed was the scenery, and of course, window shopping!

Playgrounds along the coast!
Ready for more walking
More people were out
One of the parks one can make a detour to
Lovely Atlantic ocean!
Trying out the barraquito, a liqeur coffee

Barraquito is a popular beverage in the Canarian islands. It has condensed milk, espresso coffee, frothed milk, Licor 43 or vanilla flavoured liquor and lemon zest. People say that it’s supposed to taste sweet, but all it tasted to me was “strong!”. I didn’t finish the drink, but it was worth the try!

An artwork by Cesar Manrique
The Last Supper – beach sand version
Time for some home-made ice cream
A stone tower

Even the pina colada, I didn’t manage to finish. I went to the souvenir store beside it instead and bought postcards. 🙂

A reminder that St-Patrick’s Day was only two days away

For late lunch, Carl had pizza, and I, some fajitas. It was really delicious!

We visited a couple more souvenir shops. Then, we went to the grocery store and saw some “Filipinos” cookies! It comes in white, black or brown chocolate variants. I like white chocolate, so I bought one. I didn’t really like the cookies though, to be honest. They’re not as chewy as I expected them to be.

Souvenir items
Lols XD

So, this is Day 4 on Lanzarote island. 🙂 Up next, we visited the animals in Rancho Texas. More about that in the next entry. 🙂 #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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