LANZAROTE: Visiting the Rancho Texas Lanzarote fun theme park, zoo and waterpark – Day 5

Carl and I were a bit hesitant to spend the day at Rancho Texas because we thought that it was “just” a water park. Good thing that we changed our mind. The park was more than pools and slides – you can also just spend the day visiting the animals and watching interactive shows. Disclaimer: I do not condone the caging of animals. I only support zoos and nature parks that contribute to the conservation of animals and plants, and treat wildlife with respect.

Took the special bus going to the park from Puerto del Carmen
Huge park — let’s go!

The main ticket includes free bus ride from the big cities on the island, entrance to the zoo, the pools, and the live shows. However, you have to pay a lot more if you want interaction with dolphins or sea lions. More information about the tickets here:

So, the first area we visited was the Walk of Colors, with aviaries for domestic birds, exotic birds, and birds of prey. Then, we literally ran to catch the live dolphin show, where smart dolphins showcased their skills.

Traineers communicate with the dolphins thru whistles and gestures – fascinating! And what a beautiful backdrop!
Smiling and chilling dolphins 🙂
My favorite: when dolphins eagerly show that they can “walk” on water

After the first live show we’ve seen, which was amazing and probably the best presentation, we went on and visited the animals in the park. Some of them were really cute and seemed used to visitors, while some just hid in their burrows and never said hello to us. Here are some of the animals in the park.

A white donkey

Around lunch time, we ate in a fast food restaurant inside the park. I had some spaghetti and Carl tried the hamburger. Decent food, but lots of small birds hiding on the roof, so watch out for dropping! It was a lesson to be learned, just as I was about to finish my food!

Fast food resto in the park
A teepee right outside the restaurant

With a satisfied tummy, we proceeded to the bird show. It wasn’t as big as the one in Fuerteventura, but it was exciting nevertheless. We saw some really huge birds, but the really funny one was the white egret walking freely on the grass. It picked up on scrap food, and stole the show from time to time.

An egret walking on the grass
A bald eagle
A large Andean condor with a wing span of about 3meters!

Afterwards, we watched trained parrots, and visited the flamingos, otters, lizards, snakes, turtles, tigers, dragons, spiky porcupines and cute guinea pigs.

Colorful parrots
Balancing flamingos
Peek-a-boo otter!
Reptiles and their lunch
Just a couple of turtles in the shade
A handful of guinea pigs

Before the day ended, we managed to see the sealions and their learnt tricks!

The park was worth a visit – to engage and learn more about wildlife diversity. Going back to Puerto del Carmen, we decided to walk almost 5kms instead of taking the bus. There was a sidewalk beside the highway, so it was alright walking. Then, we went through the residential areas and back to the hotel. And this was Day 5 in Lanzarote. 🙂 #spreadloveandpositivevibes


A nice sidewalk
Remember to hydrate 🙂


One thought on “LANZAROTE: Visiting the Rancho Texas Lanzarote fun theme park, zoo and waterpark – Day 5

  1. Went there last week when in lanzarote amazed to find out tourists pay more than locals for admission. Really great place to visit but disappointed that the dolphin show was shorter as we there last year too.


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