LANZAROTE: Relaxing days in Puerto del Carmen, with good food and conscience – Day 6-8

The last three days on the volcanic island were spent relaxing and enjoying the place, the food and the company. Puerto del Carmen has a very nice promenade and harbour, many recommendable restaurants, and busy souvenir shops. We were also satisfied to know that Missy-cat was well in the cat hotel, whose owner posted cute pictures of her to keep us updated on a daily basis.

Puerto del Carmen

It would be a mistake not to promenade along the coasts of Puerto del Carmen. For one, it has amazing views! And also, it has some of the nicest restaurants. I took the opportunity to meander along. Sadly, Carl was exhausted and didn’t want to go. I was glad I found the courage to sightsee even on my own. I saw beautiful white houses, rocky coasts and desert plants like cacti and palm trees, and outdoor cats! I was also in the Harbour, with boats and ferries, and where the water was clear aquamarine!

So picturesque!
View from one of the restaurants
Dramatic coast
I was focusing on the cute arrangement of these plants, and didn’t notice that someone was “focusing” on my from the window above

The harbour has a wooden walkway. I saw several people doing their morning exercises, while some elderly were happily feeding the ducks bread.

Puerto del Carmen Harbour
The harbour
Clear seawater
So refreshing to walk here

On the side opposite the beach were residential buildings with creative gardens! They’re so lovely to look at!

Tropical ambiance
Just two cats having some siesta/nap time
Nice cactus with long thorny “tentacles” XD

Even in the resort where we stayed for the week, there were cats all over! 😀 They were shy though..

Hotel cat
Another hotel cat

And of course, Carl and I enjoyed the dining experiences in the remaining days in Lanzarote – from tapas to Caprese salad to my favorite paella, every dish was a feast! We also tried one of the highly rated and best reviewed Indian restaurants. The food was good, but I didn’t like it very much that they ignored me, responded to my husband when I said something, and just focused on pleasing my husband and not me. Oh well.. Here are some of the delicious dishes we feasted on while in Lanzarote:

Tapas pa more!
Delectable tapas
Some Indian cuisine appetizer
Curry this time
Juicy caprese salad
I’d wait long time for you, paella :*

Carl and I were worried about leaving Missy for a week, but we’re happy to have found a seemingly good cat hotel, whose owner is a hands-on Norwegian. The catrooms were clean and smelled good, and the cats have an opportunity to get some fresh air thru a small hole to a “catio” or outside patio for cats. The owner also post daily updates about the catguests, so we were pleased to see that our Missy was fine and well during the days that we were miles away.

Missy in the cathotel; photo by owner of the cathotel, as publicly posted on facebook page

Our flight back home went smoothly. I was very happy to have flown with minimal anxiety, and did not have the need to take an antihistamine, as prescribed by my doctor. I felt so brave that I booked a solo flight to Italy when we got home! 😀 Anyway, this is all for now. Carl and I were glad that we finally managed a trip outside Scandinavia, after two years of covid-19 restrictions. Cheers to a healing world! #spreadloveandpositivevibes More travels to come!

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON THIS BLOG ENTRY ARE MINE (unless captioned otherwise, in which way, I give credit to the owner). 🙂

Heidå, Lanzarote!
Hello, Norway! :*


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