RoadTrip #26: A family weekend in Borås, Sweden (ft. the Zoo, Pinocchio Walking to Borås statue, the City Center, etc.)

Borås is a municipality in Västra Göteland county in western Sweden. The plan was to spend the weekend there with my sister and her family. Carl and I also decided to take Missy with us – her first time in Sweden and outside Norway. We visited the 40-hectare Borås Zoo and its circa 400 animals, took a pose with the nine-meter tall bronze statue of the Italian storybook character Pinocchio, and took a stroll in the city founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf.

A quick stopover for a catpoop-emergency!

The trip took place in April 2022, so the air was still crisp and cold from winter. We left Friday afternoon, had Saturday for some sightseeing, and Sunday for a quick city stroll and eventually driving back home.

So, Friday: It was Missy’s first long roadtrip (3-4 hours). Everything went fine, except for a pooping incident. It was never repeated up to now. Then, she just slept a lot in her big carrier. It is safe to say now that Missy has turned into a roadbuddy.

Hello, Sweden!
Cranes in Sweden – a sign of spring
Or not..

We reached Borås and checked in at Scandic Plaza Borås hotel. The trip was a bit delayed due to some roadworks, but nevertheless, we reached the destination and was excited to meet my sister and her family again, after about 5 months. We had dinner and called it a day.

Scandic Plaza Borås
Missy seemed to approve of the view. She also got some goodies and two clean bowls ready for her use.

On Saturday, we decided to visit the Zoo. It’s my baby niece’s official first visit to a zoo! Borås Zoo was founded in 1962, and according to sources, the only zoo in Sweden with an African bush elephant. (Disclaimer: I do not condone the caging of animals, but support organizations that help conserve wildlife and run educational programs, like Borås Zoo.) Borås Zoo is a center for species conservation, biodiversity and research.

A walkway/crossing to get a better view
Three giraffes
Hey there!

The animal park was huge! And the residents seemed to have more than enough space to roam around. We saw giraffes, elephants, ostriches, lions, bears.. We were also allowed to pet some farmy animals.

Playing elephants, getting warmed up
Hmm.. lunch!
A family of bears
The zoo’s resident cat

The zoo also has playgrounds and a Dinosaur park. I could imagine lots of kids having a blast there in summer!

I seem to fit in its tummy

For dinner, we tried a Nepalese restaurant. The food was good, and Carl had a great time – the waitress seemed to be hitting on him. haha (We’re never going back to Borås ;-D).

Namaste Nepal restaurant in Borås
Main course

The, Sunday came. We had some time to take a city stroll, which was nice because I didn’t know when I’ll see my niece again.. She’s growing up very fast!

We went to see the famous 9-meter tall and bronze “Walking to Borås” Pinocchio statue by Jim Dine. It was erected in 2008, which marked the opening of the annual Borås International Sculpture Biennale. Then, we walked along the river, admired some statues, grafitti, and the main square.

Grafitti in Borås
Walking in Borås Pinocchio statue
An art installation in the Viskan river
Grafitti of Dalahorses
Quiet street on a Sunday morning
The main square
Some quirky sculptures
That statue of a man on his back seemed real XD
Back to the hotel

We had a great time in Borås. It was nice to get to know yet another Swedish city. We thought there was nothing much to see there, but it seemed like a vibrant city, and a place where sports kids gather to play/compete from all over Scandinavia and perhaps, Europe.

Then, it was time for us to drive back home. It was a bit windy, but the spring air continued to grace us with a feeling of excitement for the next roadtrips.


Until next time! #spreadloveandpositivevibes

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON THIS BLOG ARE MINE (unless otherwise stated/credited). Hej då! :-*

A quick stopover to stretch a bit otw home

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