RoadTrip #27.1: Spending Easter on the southernmost point of mainland Norway (ft. Farsund Fjordhotel, Lindesnes Lighthouse, Rosfjordsanden/beach)

Actually, I had workshifts on Easter weekend, but the three days prior to that was spent on a nice getaway with the hubby and the cat in Farsund and Lindesnes. The highlight for this entry? The Lindesnes Lighthouse (Norway’s first lighthouse) located on the southernmost point of mainland Norway, and a sidetrip to Rosfjordsanden beach in Lyngdal. I always have had a thing for special places, like the southernmost, the northernmost, the oldest, the most bizarre, etc. Glad to tick off Lindesnes from the list. 😉

Æsj..rainy when we left.

The trip south to Farsund took about 5 hours, thanks to roadworks. We left Wednesday afternoon and planned to stay until Friday noon. Thankfully, Missy was all quiet and peaceful. We thought that the trip to Borås had helped her get more used to roadtrips. We had a nice and very spacious room at Farsund Fjordhotel, with a good view and a balcony which we didn’t use, as it was still cold in April.

Stretch break.. This billboard shows the highlights of southeastern Norway
Stopped by in Lillesand to pay the roadtolls for winter tires
Roadworks on E39 on the way to Kristiansand
Welcome to Farsund!

We reached Farsund at around 7:40 pm. The place was calm and very picturesque! I couldn’t wait to take a stroll in the city and just admire its beauty! As it was already late, we just had some takeaway and drove on to the hotel.

Windy evening in Farsund
A nice big room @ Farsund Fjordhotel…
..with a tub..
..and a refreshing view from the balcony!
MIssy seemed to approve!

Then came Thursday. After a very good hotel breakfast, we drove the rural roads to th southernmost tip of mainland Norway, marked by its first lighthouse which was lit in 1656! On the way, we stopped by whenever we saw a nice Instagrammable spot. That’s the beauty of having a car in Norway, I guess. Here are some of the views from the trip to Lindesnes lighthouse:

Easter ambiance @ Farsund fjordhotel
Good weather please!
Norway is a land of tunnels
Where boats have houses, and houses, boats!
Narrow roads

So, some waters in Norway have no tides, so the boats can stay in garages without the danger of the water pushing them into the ceiling. It looked so fancy and rich to me that boats get to have houses in Norway.

After an hour of driving, we reached Lindesnes lighthouse. I think that I’ve mentioned some important facts about it already, but you can read more here: It has a museum and an underground fort from the WW2 which you can explore.

2518 kilometers from the northcape
Easter ambiance in Lindesnes
Requires a bit of walking and climbing
We’re getting higher. Here you see the museum shop, the entrance and the parking lot behind.
Some pictures from the museum
Finally. Let’s go have a look!

What comes next are amazing and stunning views of the rocky coasts.. I can imagine Denmark farther away, but not visible from there. It was very windy, but we were graced with a clear sky!

Marching around the lighthouse
Norway’s South Cape

Visitors are not allowed to go higher up the lighthouse, but nevertheless, we got very good views.

Lindesnes lighthouse
The prism

Lindesnes lighthouse was not very high. There was actually just one plight of stairs, if I remember correctly. We explored the rest of the area and saw a photographer as the only visitor aside from us. Glad we went there early.

Amazed by this!
A closer view

We also got to check out the remains of the WW2 fort, and some rooms were turned into exhibition halls.

Underground fort
How’s this for a walkway?
The lighthouse from another angle
Picnic, anyone?
An art installation?

And of course, I wouldn’t miss the museum shop. I bought some posctards. It’s possible to buy special stamps from there to get special cancellation, but I have many unused stamps at home, so ordinary post it is.

A replica of the lighthouse prism
The museum shop
The Southern Cape

When in Lindesnes, it is also worth it to try the home-made breads and pastries at the kiosk by the parking lot. The cinnamon knots/bun was delicious!

Warm bread for a cold Thursday morning!

We left Lindesnes at around 11:30am, and followed the road back to Farsund. Our next stop was a nature reserve and an old fort. On the way, we stopped over beautiful spots and a yellow beach!

Checking out a nice spot
Perfect place for a quiet afternoon?

The said yellow beach was actually a camping and bathing spot by the Rosfjord. It was cold there and we saw dead animals on the beach, like fish, crabs and birds. No one was bathing that early anyways. Nevertheless, it was a beach with a view!

Too cold for a swim
Clear water

Our roadtrip continues. We grabbed whatever lunch we could find, and sadly, it was salty pizza from one of the few restaurants that were open on a Maundy Thursday. Part 2 of this roadtrip on the next entry.. For now, I gotta go work 🙂


ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON THIS BLOG ARE MINE (unless otherwise stated/credited). 🙂

On the road
in Southern Norway!

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