RoadTrip #27.3: Farsund – a pearl in southern Norway

The Easter roadtrip in southern Norway was a refreshing break from all the stressful requirements in school and at work. We visited the southernmost point in mainland Norway, visited appealing lighthouses and nice beaches, and enjoyed our stay in a fjordhotel in Farsund. Farsund itself was a charming coastal town where many houses have boats, and boats houses (or boat garages). To me, it seemed like a typical rich Norwegian municipality resting in nature.

Farsund – a coastal city

Before leaving the city, I made sure to capture the city in photographs – and Farsund did not diasppoint! The water was blue and peaceful, thus giving a perfect reflection of the objects near it.

Early departure

It was about a 5 hour drive from Farsund to Drammen, so we left a bit early. I asked Carl to drop me in the city center and give me a few minutes to take these pictures.. Now, I’ll always remember Farsund and its beautiful fjords.

Hubby and katten waiting..
Walking along Farsund Gjestehavn
Indre Spindsfjorden
A city with a rich maritime history
Back in the car

The next photo is one of my favorite shots of Farsund..

In awe
Still sleeping
It’s like a painting
Farsund from the bridge’s corner

Did you know that people who comes from Farsund are called farsunder/e or farsundsfolk (plural/people). 🙂

Vestersidefjorden, literally, “the fjord on the western side”

Driving home, we followed Norsjøvegen, road E39 and E18. Very scenic along the way…

Leaving Farsund
Norway, y’all..
The water was a perfect mirror

Lately, I found out that certain areas in Norway have no tides. It means that putting boats in garages, like on the first picture, is totally fine! The owner does not need to worry about the boats hitting the ceiling. I still think it’s very fancy for the boats to have “houses” (or garages) though..

As mentioned in the previous entries, I worked on Easter weekend. But with the trip to Farsund, Lindesnes and Lista three days before that made me feel like I still celebrated Easter. My heart is full! #spreadlove&positivevibes

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON THIS BLOG ARE MINE (unless otherwise stated/credited).


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