NORWAY: A stroll around a frozen Landfalltjern (lake) in Drammen

The air was crisp when Carl and I went for a nature stroll up on Landfalltjern in Drammen. As it was a Monday mid-April, King Winter had not officially left the land. Seemed like he was enjoying lingering around for a few days more.. The lake was frozen and yet, some people were out in the area enjoying the second day of Easter.


The lake is in Drammensmarka, or the forested area on one of the hills surrounding Drammen. We’ve visited the lake before, on a hot summer day geocaching. We used the public bus on our first hike there. But now that we have Missan, the travel time was cut to only about 10 minutes.

There are two parking lots located on opposite sides of the big dammed lake. Locals like to go there to bathe, fish, or go on a picnic or a nature walk.

Too late to walk on ice in April
Frozen lake

After parking the car, we walked around the lake to the bathing area. It was slippery – one mistake and you’d have a foot soaked in cold, cold water. Fun fact: The lake got its name from “Landfall”, which directly translates to landslide, while “tjern” is the norwegian term for a small lake or pond. One can say that the hill has a soft bottom and thus, a risk for landslides. BUT it has never happened.

Spring in the air
Being too careful
Love the smell of spring

And here’t the sandy beach.. not too sandy in winter, but one can imagine how nice this place would be in summer.

Ice slowly melting
Wished I brought my shoe spikes

Eventhough it was a holiday, the cafe on the hill was open and serving sandwiches, cakes, pancakes and coffee! Landfallhytta (cabin) dates back to the 1890s. Its location was pretty scenic!

View from Landfallhytta
Refreshing view
A yummy treat

We are planning to take a tour to the lake tonight to catch some crayfish. I’m excited!! Hopefully, we’ll get 30, the maximum number you can catch per day.. 😉 I had the first pressure wave therapy session for my plantar fascitis yesterday (my foot all taped up), so I hope that it won’t act up with pain later… See yah! #spreadlove&positivevibes

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON THIS BLOG ARE MINE (unless otherwise stated/credited).


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