RoadTrip #29.2: Visiting the medieval Läckö Castle in Sweden – My 32nd birthday special

After spontaneously checking out the Saturday market in Lidköping, we buckled our seatbelts and drove on the the main destination of the roadtrip – the splendid Läckö Castle. It is situated on the Kållandsö island on the banks of Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake. Built in the late 1200s, the Baroque castle with its iconic red and white color was voted as the most beautiful castle by the Swedes themselves.

The path to the castle itself was a pleasant walk. According to its official website (, its foundations were laid by the bishop of Skara in 1298. However, in 1527, it was confiscated by the Crown and then, granted to Count Jacob de la Gardie for his services in 1615. It was taken over by his son Magnus Gabriel, who expanded the palace and decorated it – transforming it into the castle we know today.

As we visited the Castle in May, some of the compartments were open to public. In high seasons, like winter, the castle usually only accommodates pre-booked guided tours. For opening hours:

On the way in, a statue of a mountain goat welcomes the guests. Then, there was the chapel with altars and ancient wall paintings, the kitchen with traditional spices and herbs, and the dungeon/prison with some punishing devices.

And to give an idea to how the inner courtyard looks like:

There can also be exhibitions in the castle, but during our visit, we were only able to see the features mentioned above. The museum shop was also worth checking out.

Surrounding the castle was serene nature with gardens and a harbour. I also enjoyed the view from the wooden platform, and gazing far beyong the Lake Vänern as well. We saw some wild birds nesting on rock islands in the lake.

As someone who has a thing for castles, I’d say that Läckö was a beautiful experience for my 32nd birthday. I still feel grateful that my husband took me there.

After that, we continue the roadtrip and passed by some Swedish windmills.

It was open for visitors, and so, we got to check out the interior, which seemed to have so much history and engineering.

Before finally going back to the hotel in Trollhättan, we visited one more interesting attraction in Lidköping. More about that in the next entry. 🙂 #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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