RoadTrip #29.3: The medieval sandstone church in Söne, the Ice Age-built and nature reserve Hindens rev peninsula, and the old Svinesund bridge – My 32nd birthday special

This is the last entry for the roadtrip we had for my birthday. We left the Läckö Castle around noontime, and with so much time left on a sunny spring day, we decided to visit another attraction in Lidköping, Sweden. We were headed towards the Hindens rev peninsula – a 5-km stretch of land which was formed during the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago. It portrudes into the largest lake in the country, Lake Vänern, and is a nature reserve. On the way, we also checked out the sturdy sandstone church in Söne, which dates back to the the 12th century.

According to its official website, the “door to the southern armory is iron-mounted and has holes from rifle bullets attributed to the ravages of the Danes during the latter part of the 16th century” ( Unfortunately, the church was closed on a Saturday, so I didn’t get to see the interior, the altar and the monk’s chamber, among other features. There are pictures available online though. We did go around the church to look for peepholes, hehe, but there wasn’t much to see through the thick window glasses.

Anyway, back on the road to Hindens rev..

I really can’t tell which is better – Norwegian parks or Swedish. I love them both, and how they’re made accessible to human wanderers. The Hindens rev is not an exception. We saw families, groups, and individuals enjoying a hike to the old age peninsula. It’s 5 kilometers and can take around an hour one-way. We read that there was a point in the long straight stretch of land where the passage was so small that you could see both sides.

I remember the walk to be pleasant, and we took the chance to see the beach whenever we reached a narrower point. I was also talking to my family in PH on the phone most of the walk, but enjoyed the fresh air nevertheless.

Flippin’ my hair at the start of the long walk..

The coasts were varied, from marshy to sandy to rocky..

Ahh.. nature ❤ Now that I think about it, my birthday was a perfect combination of castle, market and nature. And I had my husband and Missy with me. Maxx came later into the picture..

Here’s a “narrowish” part of the peninsula. The width ranges from 20-100 meters, I think.

Still couldn’t capture both coasts though. But if you were there, you could already see left and right coast.

We didn’t really reach the tip of the peninsula (I don’t even know if it’s possible), but we went close. My feet were hurting from the long day adventure, so we headed back to Trollhättan. We also make sure to come back to the accommodation early when we travel with Missy. 🙂 For dinner, we had Swedish kebab pizza. This was probably one of the many causes that inflamed my gallbladder 5 months later. haha

The next day, we check out from the hotel and began the journey back home. As a finale, we took the old Svinesund bridge, where one could take a photo of themselves on the border between Sweden and Norway. Special thanks to my husband, who tirelessly drives me around and takes pictures of me when we travel. I love you! ❤

We reached home at 21:30, but it was still light.. Aahhh I miss spring-summer ❤

So, that’s pretty much how I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I am thankful for everything I have, and hopeful for what it is to come – challenges and blessings alike. I can’t wait to celebrate my 33rd! 🙂


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