RoadTrip #30: Geocaching in Holmestrand, Norway

All right, this entry would be short and quick. As the title suggests, it’s about a little geocaching trip. I love geocaching, and we’ve found many interesting caches in interesting places. We’re not die-hard Geocachers though, so even with a paid membership, we only do it for “fun”, as a “hobby”. And so, one Sunday morning in May, the motivation hit us and we went to a bay near Holmestrand, a town in southeastern Norway established in 1838, to geocache.

It was spring, so flowers were sprouting and plants and trees were in their bright-greenish glow. There was also the garden-fresh smell from budding plants. We didn’t really go right to the town center, but parked the car on a bay nearby, the Bogebukta (Boge bay).

If you don’t what geocaching is, it’s sort of a treasure hunt using an app for a compass. Geocaches can range from micro containers to big chests or boxes called “hotels”. Inside the caches is a log, where you should sign with the date and your username upon finding, and sometimes, if there’s space, some trinkets up for exchange. There may even be travel bugs, or items with codes which you should register taking with you (if you choose to take it) and placing to another geocache. That makes the bug “travel” all over the world. Cool, huh 🙂 Gecaching’s website:

Back to Holmestrand: it was a bit sunny when we left home, but it started drizzling when we arrived our destination. Nevertheless, we went out and hoped that the weather would change and be on our favor.

The path was we took that time was pleasant and paved. We passed by stone walls and trees of different types. Then there was the alley with Norwegian spruce trees. Hmmmmm… gran. Spruce is gran in Norwegian. They smell so good, like authentic spring.

According to a source, the Norwegian spruce makes up around half of the total volume of wood in Norway. (

When you look at them, you might think that their leaves are hard and sticky. Well, not the new ones. They’s soft and, have I mentioned smelling good? Yep. 🙂

Anyway, it didn’t take long before the rain showered harder that we decided to go back. We found 4 caches in total. 🙂

When we arrived in the parking lot, the rain had stopped. Haha – typical Norwegian weather. I had the chance to have some photos taken by the bay.

When we got back to Drammen, the weather was still fine. So, we went and checked out the Food Truck Festival in the square. I had some dumplings, and churros! Oh, I miss churros 😦 After my inflamed gallbladder hospital confinement, I needed to make serious changes and keep away from snacks and heavy meals. It was tradition for me to go to Christmas markets and buy freshly fried churros. Oh well.. maybe next year.

So, this is all for now. Cheers to motivation to hunt for more geocaches in the future! #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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