RoadTrip #32.1: On the road to Mora, Sweden (ft. the Norwegian-Swedish border in Kongsvinger and the Åmåsängsgården and beach)

Mora is the northernmost city in Sweden we’ve visited so far, i.e., if you don’t count Orsa as a city. It’s well-known for the dalahäst (Dala horse) or painted wooden horses, and the Vasaloppet, the world’s third longest cross-country skiing race held annually in March. Both the dalahäst and the Vasaloppet have interesting history behind them. This 3-part entry is about our (camping) trip to Mora in the county of Dalarna, Sweden last May.

For this roadtrip, we decided to try a new “border”. We went through Kongsvinger, Norway, which I wouldn’t say my favorite, because of the winding and dizzying roads. The trip was pretty quiet and there was no border control. We also had a fair view of the demarcation line, a clearing of the woods that stretch far (last picture to the right).

The border was marked by the stone monument. What disappointed us a bit was the crooked road that followed in the Swedish side. That road really needed some make-up. That was May, so they’d probably had it fixed already, but at that time, you could really see the difference between the roads from both sides. XD We are usually fans of Swedish roadworks, especially how they fix patches of uneven roads regularly, so it was diversion from the regular scene. Anyway..

We left home around kl 13, by the way, and delivered Missy to the cathotel. By kl 17, we reached the small municipality of Torsby and had some Swedish kebab pizza.

Afterwards, we’re on the road again, enjoying loads and loads of inner Sweden’s natural landscape.

At around kl 20, we arrived in the camping site in Åmåsäng, Mora. It was probably still early in the season, so there was just us at that time – which was perfect! Åmåsängsgården have cabins and camping grounds, and shares quite a bit of a history as well. You can read more about it here: We’d consider it as one of our best booked sites. I was quite worried that it would turn out bad, but it was actually a pleasant place – quiet and peaceful, surrounded by nature, and near the beach!

We’ve a newer and bigger tent, by the way! It could fit a family. It has like three inner compartments, and I could literally stand up inside. It was like a mini-house.

Now, let’s take a stroll around the camping grounds. The cabins were painted black. There were also common houses, including the common bathrooms and kitchen. The bathrooms and toilets were immaculate clean!

And the beach nearby was red. We also saw some Canada geese! The water was too cold for a swim in May, but I could imagine the place to be teeming with people in the summer months.

After settling in the tent, there was nothing much to do but relax and wait for the next day, when we planned to see more of Mora, visit a dalahäst factory, and a pradator zoo! It was so cozy inside the tent. Carl wrapped me up like a sushi, like he always used to do, making me warm and comfortable. This side of Scandinavian lifestyle is something that’s really growing in me. ❤

Anyway, more in the next entry! 🙂 #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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