RoadTrip #33: Visiting the Rural Museum and Sandbekk Windmill in Rakkestad, Norway

It’s time again for yet another roadtrip. This one was a full daytrip spent finding attractions in Rakkestad kommune in eastern Norway, and checking out a flea market in Strömstad, Sweden. Although the municipality of Rakkestad has a small population of around 7, 200 (2004), it is one of the largest agricultural areas in Norway. We took the road to Rakkestad by the end of May 2022, so everything was green and spring-y.

We first found the Rakkestad Rural Museum (Bygdetun), an outdoor park with old traditional buildings. There were around 11 building dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, like storage houses, farmhouses, dress shop, classroom and playroom. According to the municipality’s website, the bygdetun not only serves as a museum with around 3,000 artefacts, but also as a venue for public arrangements, barbeque parties, and concerts or theater performances. Read more about the bygdetun here:

We also saw this bee hotel and information board in the bygdetun.

Afterwards, we tried to find some stone carvings in the municipality. We walked and searched, found some signs towards it, but unfortunately, we didn’t find them. Carl suspected that it was in the middle of a field. Although there’s freedom to roam in Norway, we cannot really just cross a private farm. So we had to drop it. But here are some shots from the search.

As evident through the pictures, Rakkestad is very rural, with miles and miles of green fields and farms.

It was still early at that point, so we decided to visit another attraction – the Sandbekk windmill (mølle). According to the municipality’s website, the original windmill in the site was from 1650. However, the current one that was left for visitors today was from 1904. It was in operation until 1932. The surrounding nature was refreshing. More information about the Sandbekk mølle here:

Satisfied with the quick glimpse of Rakkestad kommune, we drove on southward towards Strömstad, Sweden for some dinner and shopping. We didn’t know there was a flea market there at that time, so it was a bonus. We love window-shopping in flea markets.

What a day! We love good food, and good food we had at Bullseye Saloon Strömstad. 😛

And just like that, it was June. We have tons of roadtrips to blog.. But my next entry would be about my solo trip to Italy and San Marino in June. 🙂 Until then! #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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