RoadTrip #35.1: Falköping, Sweden and the entertaining farm animals in Mösseberg Park (Öland Escapade – Day 1&2)

It’s time to visit one of Sweden’s bigger islands in the Baltic Sea – a popular local holiday destination, Öland! My husband said that he had good chihldhood memories there, going on roadtrips with his family. Driving from Norway to Öland takes more or less 8.5 hours, so we decided to cut the journey into two legs. We booked a rural guesthouse in Falköping kommune in Västra Götaland, which was spacious (and entertaining enough) for Missy. While in Falköping, we got to greet happy cows on the road and say hello to the cute farm animals in Mösseberg Park.

It was a sunny day when we left, luckily. The guesthouse located in Sjögården, seemed like a former barn. I remember it is to be very rural, peaceful and quiet, with chickens and goats and sheep nearby. Missy had fun exploring the loft and high ceilings. Of course, we had to cat-proof it. We had a good one-night stay, although I found the groundwater, although not dangerous, very smelly.

Falköping kommune has around 16,000 inhabitants (2010), so it’s not a very big town. We only got to see a bit of it though, but enough to leave a lasting good impression. For dinner on Day 1, we enjoyed pasta and pizza in Restaurang Gondolino – the food was delicious! A walk around the city made me notice how spacious their benches were! Like, they’re the same length as a bicycle.

On Day 2, we left the guesthouse at 7am to get breakfast and to visit the Mösseberg Park. The park is a huge open-air recreational area with a lookout tower and playgrounds. There are also farm animals visitors can feed/pet. The park is worth a visit all year round, as it has jogging and ski tracks.

On the way, we came across beautiful and healthy cows grazing in the grass! So we stopped by to say hello.

And now, the Park. I was impressed by how the city has public facilities like that. It surely makes one more eager to pay taxes!

As it was only around 7am, we witnessed the caretakers visiting each cage and feeding the animals.

It was really fun and enjoyable to watch the animals. The goats even gave a concert!

The tower is 35 meters in height, has about 200 steps, and is 350 meters above sea level. Now a cultural heritage, it was built in 1902 and opened in 1903. I had to catch my breath once in a while during the ascent, but it was all worth it!

We left Falköping around 10 am and drove towards southeast Sweden. Öland is connected to mainland Sweden by the Ölandsbron, or just Öland Bridge. We were caught in a bit of a traffic jam there. We stayed in a cabin in Sandbybadet (more about it in the next entries). I can’t remember why, but I only have one shot from the whole roadtrip from Falköping to Öland. It was taken just before crossing the Öland Bridge. 🙂

In the evening, we met up with my husband’s stepbrother and his wife in Borgholm, watched a bit of the sunset, and had some Swedish pizza for dinner.

This is all for now. Below is a photo of the sunset in Borgholm, Öland, Sweden. Until the next entry! #spreadloveandpositivevibes



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