RoadTrip #37: Eurotrip Day 1/13 – From Drammen, NO to Hjørring, DK (via Color Line ferry)

This is day 1 of our two-week roadtrip last summer – covering 10 countries (2 new ones in my bucketlist). The trip was very spontaneous – with me booking the accommodation only a day or two before. The only preparation we had was to have a rough idea of our route and read about the driving rules in each country. Driving within Europe was pretty easy. We only had to acquire the German Emission sticker and the Swiss vignette. Speed limits and other important rules were also available in each border crossing. So, looking back, we really had a great time and great memories from that roadtrip. 🙂

This is the whole route, c/o Google Maps:

On Day 1, we delivered our kittens to the cat hotel and then, loaded the car with the stuff we thought we would need: some clothes, passports and IDs, and water bottles. The sun was up, the skies clear, and the trip went pretty smoothly.

While waiting for the ship, we went for a short hiking trip in Larvik, a coastal city in eastern Norway. Larvik is one of the oldest cities in Norway. It has scenic spots and beaches, and it’s probably most known for the Farris Bad spa resort. The Farris kilde (spring) is the only mineral water spring in the country, and Farris mineral water can be bought in grocery stores and kiosks. We didn’t visit Farris, but the scenic spot by the Hvittensand, which was a popular bathing beach. Today, it is not advisable to swim there because of meeting currents and varying depths. One could go hiking though, and there’s a local trail/path around the coast.

The hike was very refreshing! Although the wooden stairs seemed a bit unstable. That pumped us up for the rest of the journey, I guess. The boat trip was also mesmerising. I was actually a bit worried that it would be wavy, as described by a classmate who took the boat with her family a few months back. But we enjoyed the 3-hour (more or less) cruise, the sea was calm and we got to experience the beautiful sunset on that day! The first photo below shows the super speed ship that took us across the Skagerrak and on to Denmark.

We decided to take the ferry crossing between Larvik, Norway and Hirtshals, Denmark as means of getting into mainland Europe. For this, we booked the superspeed boat on We paid 875 kr for the one-way trip, leaving at 17:30 and arriving at 21:15. As it was summer, there would be no problem traveling in the evening, we thought.

We enjoyed some dinner on the boat, and even bought some Lofoten water to take with us. Then, we spent some time in the viewing deck.

The sunset in the horizon was spectacular!

Crossing the Skagerrak via Color Line Superspeed

Before we knew it, we were on the Danish island of Jutland (or Jylland). Our accommodation was only a few minutes drive from the port, and it was operated by the house owners themselves – a sweet, old couple who welcomed us even if we arrived late at night. The house was located in Hjørring, and they have a little garden with a little lake. We were a bit tired when we got there, so we went straight to bed satisfied for how the first day went.

I was pretty excited to see the garden during the day, but more about that in the next entry.

The roadtrip continues…




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