RoadTrip #37.2: Eurotrip Day 2 – From Hjørring, DK to Schleswig-Holstein, DE (ft Hesteskoen in Aalborg, Marselisborg Dyrehav in Aarhus, and UNESCO WHS: Jelling mounds, Runic stones and Church)

On Day 2 of our roadtrip, we crossed the Danish island of Jutland and crossed the border to Germany. We passed by a few bigger Danish cities, like Aalborg and Aarhus, and visited some interesting sites. The Hesteskoen (literally, “the horse’s shoe”) in Aalborg, for instance, is a beach and nature park by the river bank, offering a view of the Nordjylland Power Station from a distance. We also fed cute deer in Marselisborg deer park, and checked out the Viking mounds in Jelling.

Here’s the full route we took for that roadtrip, c/o Google Maps:

We had a nice, peaceful sleep in our accommodation in Hjørring, despite it being located by the road. There was a nice big window in the room where the sun just popped up from outside to say hello. 😉 Before leaving, we checked out the small garden and lake.

I don’t know, but I always felt like Danish roads are smaller than regular roads. Driving south went flawless, thanks to Denmark being a pretty flat land. And we basically, spontaneously, searched for places we could check out on the way. First stop was Aalborg (Ålborg), one of Denmark’s oldest and bigger cities. Located by Limfjord, which cuts through Jutland, Aalborg’s popular attractions are the coasts, its architecture, and the old town. We only spent a short period there, just a stretch break, and we chose to stop by the river.

The spot was called Hesteskoen. To get there, there a small path through a small forest. From the platform, one can gaze at the Nordjylland Power Station decorating the horizon. And going back, Carl showed me some fire-inducing rocks, if I remember correctly, and introduced yet again, plants, that grew wildly in that forest.

So, that’s the first “taste” of Jutland. The drive southward continued..

The next “attraction” we went to was a public deer park. Oh, I loved the Marselisborg dyrehave in Aarhus (Århus)! Århus is the second largest city in Denmark, popular for the open-air museum showcasing centuries-old timber houses, its art and architecture. The city is located in a bay which flows out to the Kattegat sea.

I forgot to mention, but for the entire roadtrip, we tried to avoid the city centers. Sometimes, we succeeded. But there were times when it was also inevitable to check out the city.

In Marselisborg deer park, visitors were allowed to pet and feed the deer. However, it’s important to show caution and respect the animals as well, especially the tall horned ones, I guess. We bought fresh baby carrots from a gas station and that attracted the herd to us. It was really fun! I could imagine families with small children spending time there.

Here’s us feeding a deer:

Carl and I both agreed at the end of the day that the deer park was the highlight of the day 🙂 Outside the park and across the road was a recreational area, a jogging path by the beach:

Moving on, our final stop in Denmark was the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church. The site is a royal monument dedicated to the Viking king Gorm and his son, Harald Bluetooth. It was very interesting to be there and learn about the Danish history and its transition, sort of, from paganism to Christianity. The museum also had interactive displays, like the fases going to Valhalla, the house of the Norse god Odin and where Vikings believed they’d end up if they live and die honorably.

The Jelling Mounds was well-developed and very near a city center. We bought some refreshing ice cream before leaving..

No further stops were made until we reached the border to Germany. Actually, even after we crossed the border. We got the German Emission sticker from a TÜV station somewhere in Flensburg, and then, drove on to our accommodation – another rural house in Hollenbek, Germany. We got a very spacious room in Hof Viehbrook, a free parking space, and close proximity to nature and some farmy animals. We grabbed some snacks from a grocery store before finally calling all of it a day. 🙂

It was nice to sightsee in Denmark again, after so many years. I didn’t really managed to visit Jutland while living there. Anyway, the roadtrip continues.. in Germany.. on Day 3 in the next entry.




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