The Voice Norway 2023 overview

27.may 2023 Edit: The season’s grand winner is Kira Dalan Eriksen 🙂


I rarely watch Norwegian TV. I only go to Altibox when there’s an interesting telecast, like Eurovision. This year, season 8 of The Voice – Norges beste stemme (“Norway’s best voice”) is being held, sponsored by TV 2. I have been following the competition on TV, and thought that it would be nice to have an overview by making a blog entry. 🙂

This season’s judges consists of singer-songwriter from Sandefjord, Ina Wroldsen; the rapper/dubber from Oslo, Yosef Wolde-Mariam; the singer-songwriter/producer from Tromsø, Espen Lind; and singer-composer from Nittedal, Jarle Bernhoft. Eight blind auditions were held between January 6 – February 24, 2023.

To start off, here are the qualifiers from the Blind Auditions. My favorites are marked with a ***. Click on their names to see their performance/s. 🙂 Videos from Youtube. The songs are also publicly available on Spotify. 🙂

  1. Fredrik Amadeus (“At last” by Glenn Miller and his orchestra) – Team Yosef – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE, FINALE
  2. Oda Dahl (“It’s my life” by Bon Jovi) – Team Yosef *** – KO, LIVE, LIVE2
  3. Kamilla Følsvik Rønnekleiv (“/Golden” by Fay Wildhagen) – Team Josef – KO, LIVE
  4. Viktoria Birkeli (“Jealous” by Labrinth)Team Jarle ***; Team Yosef – KO, LIVE
  5. Amanda Winsjansen (“I’ll never love again” by Lady Gaga)Team Yosef – KO
  6. Andreas Dyrdal (“Tennessee Whiskey” by David Allan Coe) – Team Yosef – KO
  7. Caroline Slattum (“Smoke Clouds” by James Arthur) – Team Espen; Team Yosef – KO
  8. Terje Harøy (“Fool for your loving” by Whitesnake) – Team Josef *** – KO
  9. Emma Einmo (“In the stars” by Benson Boone) – Team Yosef *** .
  10. Mina Klokkersveen Thomle (“Lilac Wine” by Hope Foye) – Team Yosef .
  11. Nora Bjørkli Stabell (“Particles” by Nothing but thieves) – Team Josef.
  12. Stian Alexander Aanerud (“Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin) – Team Yosef .
  13. Tommy Bergmann (“Runnin’ home to you” by Grant Gustin) – Team Josef .
  14. Ole Henrik Risøy Solheim (“Du som snakke” by Kristian Kristensen) – Team Jarle *** – KO, LIVE, LIVE2
  15. Jenny Haugen (“we’ve been loving in silence” by MARO) – Team Jarle – KO, LIVE
  16. Marie Meyer (“Hero” by Mariah Carey) – Team Jarle – KO, LIVE
  17. Iben Brevik (“Hard to Love” by Hamzaa, Mahogany) – Team Jarle – KO, LIVE
  18. Camilla Amundsen (“O bli hos meg” by Henry Francis Lyte) – Team Ina ***; Team Jarle – KO
  19. Christa Sandreid (“Crazy in love” by Beyonce) – Team Jarle – KO
  20. Claudi Faura (“Fire” by Claudi Faura) – Team Jarle – KO
  21. Endre Olsen (“The times they are a-changin'” by Bob Dylan) – Team Espen; Team Jarle – KO
  22. Celine Rensel (“It’ll be okay” by Shawn Mendes) – Team Jarle *** .
  23. Emilie Bjørnstad (“Georgia” by Emily King) – Team Jarle .
  24. Kristian Reite Grøtteland (“Flying” by Cody Fry) – Team Jarle *** .
  25. Ståle Baldvinsson (“When we were young” by Adele) – Team Jarle .
  26. Thomas Tvedt (“Love of my life” by Queen) Team Ina *** – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE, FINALE, SUPERFINALE
  27. Kristoffer Sørensen (“The Lost Boy” by Greg Holden) Team Ina *** – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE
  28. Henriette Schei (“Hurt” by Christina Aguilera) – Team Ina *** – KO, LIVE
  29. Leonardo Jr Amorsolo (“Ave Maria” by Beyonce) –Team Ina *** – KO, LIVE
  30. Camilla Berget (“No time to die” by Billie Eilish) – Team Josef; Team Ina KO
  31. Emilie Fosshaug (“Million Years Ago” by Adele) – Team Ina – KO
  32. Jeanett Naley (“BRKN” by Madison Ryann Ward) – Team Espen; Team Ina – KO
  33. Nomzi Kumalo (“The Truth” by Nomzi Kumalo) Team Ina *** – KO
  34. Martine Gussiås (“I see red” by Everybody loves an outlaw) – Team Ina *** .
  35. Mia Charlotte Skoge Nøringseth (“Clownby Emeli Sande) – Team Ina *** .
  36. Ronja Bosy (“traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo) – Team Ina .
  37. Tage Hamre Skar (“Cold” by Chris Stapleton) – Team Ina .
  38. Isak Øvrevold (“Break my heart again” by Finneas) – Team Espen *** – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE, FINALE
  39. Kira Dalan Eriksen (“Love on the brain” by Rihanna) – Team Espen – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE, FINALE, SUPERFINALE, GRAND CHAMPION
  40. Dag Erik Oksvold (“I’m not supposed to love you anymore” by Bryan White) – Team Espen – KO, LIVE, LIVE2, SEMIFINALE
  41. Anne Fagermo (“I’m on fire” by Bruce Springsteen) – Team Espen – KO, LIVE
  42. Aurora Mathiesen (“Lady” by Regina Spektor) – Team Espen *** – KO
  43. Cornelia Helgor (“The 30th” by Billie Eilish) – Team Espen – KO
  44. Lill Regine Skaug (“You say” by Lauren Daigle) – Team Ina; Team Espen *** . KO
  45. Odin Brennhaug (“I saw her standing there” by The Beatles) – Team Jarle ; Team Espen *** – KO
  46. Amina Emilie (“Mirror” by Madison Ryann Ward) – Team Espen .
  47. Bendik Solberg (“Somewhere only we know” by Keane) – Team Espen .
  48. Trine Bariås-Kvitstein (“Speechless” by Naomi Scott) – Team Espen .

The next round was The Battles, where qualifiers from the blind audition and from the same team face-off by pair, singing one song chosen by their respective judge. It ran from 03-24 March, 2023. Many of them really delivered amazing duets! My favorites are marked with ***. Winner’s name in bold.

The competition gets more and more exciting! It’s 31 March and time for the first Knock Out rounds. KOs will run from 31.march-21-april. I feel ready to be both surprised and disappointed. 🙂 Winning contestant in bold. Videos from Youtube. The songs are also publicly available on Spotify. 🙂

And there goes the first 5 Live Show qualifiers. 🙂 They’re all amazing.. Also those who didn’t make it. Happy Easter for now! 🙂


OMFG, finally, after 2 weeks, here comes the continuation of the KO rounds. 🙂

  • Henriette (I guess that’s why they call it the blues by Elton John) VS Jeanette (One night only by Jennifer Hudson)
  • Andreas (Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes) VS Oda (Lay all your love on me by ABBA)
  • Isak (Heather by Conan Grey) VS Odin (Saturday night’s alright by Elton John)
  • Christa (Vision of love by Mariah Carey) VS Marie (Fly as me by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic)
  • Fredrik (To where you are by Josh Groban) VS Terje (Low life in high places by Thunder)
  • Cornelia (Fun while it lasted by Ashe) VS Kira (Hold me closer by Cornelia Jakobs)


So, I’m watching the last KO round from Iceland 🙂 I can actually watch it in advance on TV Play, but publishing this later at 8pm Norwegian time, so it’s in line with the showing in Norway.

  • Dag-erik ( Look at us by Vince Gill) VS Lill Regine (Faraway look by Yola)
  • Endre (Wasted years by Iron Maiden) VS Jenny (She by Dodie)
  • Camilla (You broke me first by Tate McRae) VS Leonardo (Stand up by Cynthia Aribo)
  • Kamilla (Godspeed by Frank Ocean) VS Caroline (Can’t take my eyes off of you by Frankie Valli)
  • Camilla (Unconditionally by Katy Perry) VS Ole Henrik (Golden hour by JVKE)

28.April: Watching the first Live show after my evening shift. 8 of the final 16 performed tonight. 4 of them are going further into the competition, while the other 4 had to say goodbye. Winners were chosen by the public viewers via text votes (online voting was said to be faulty). The Voice Norway is a popularity contest after all..

Here are they, the first half who performed live (Songs available on Spotify “The Voice Norge 2023 – Alle deltagere og sanger i 2023” playlist). Disclaimer: The judges’ comments were translated to English by me, and might not be complete. I blog as I watch. 🙂 Winners’ names in bold:

  • Oda – “Believe” by Sher : Yosef’s feedback was that he was happy because Oda looked secured, and that she was unique. Jarle said that he was impressed by Oda’s big voice variations.
  • Dag Erik – “Cover me up” by Jason Isbell : Espen thought that Dag Erik was very good, solid. Ina said that she was still disappointed that Dag Erik did not choose her as mentor, and that he had warm energy.
  • Henriette – “Wings” by Little MIx : Ina commented that she was mighty impressed that Henriette took any challenge, and that she killed the performance. Jarle said that Henriette has a contagious energy that makes things around better.
  • Ole Henrik – “The joke” by Brandi Carlile : The public gave a standing ovation. Jarle fell on his feet. Yosef said that Ole Henrik took him in the journey and that the performance was magnificent.
  • Kira – “E du nord” by Kari Bremnes : Kira received a standing ovation from some of the audience and three of the judges. Espen was teary-eyed. He was proud, touched, and said that it was a fantastic song choice and that it was what The Voice meant for him.

Espen’s team was on fire, as 2 of his final 4, Dag-erik and Kira, already got in to the next Live episode. I think Dag-erik has lots of fans in Norway, and that really counts on this stage of the competition. They didn’t show the tally of public votes, so you don’t really know who got the most number of votes and who got the least.

Team Yosef has 1 secured entry to the next round, Oda. Team Jarle also has 1, Ole Henrik.

Meanwhile, Ina has got no secured entry yet. Henriette and Leonardo are both very talented, but I guess, they did not garner enough text votes. Too bad…. But I wish them luck in their journey as artists 🙂

Up next: part 2 of the first Live. My favorites: Anne, Viktoria, Isak and Thomas.. Let’s see if they’ll make it 🙂

05.May Woohoo! It’s part two of the Live sessions. Many of the contestants I liked were already eliminated, sadly. 4 of them are going further into the competition, while the other 4 had to say goodbye. Winners were chosen by public votes, and online voting was now fixed. So, casting my 3 votes on Yep, only 3, so, let’s see if Anne, Isak and Thomas will make it. 🙂

(Songs available on Spotify “The Voice Norge 2023 – Alle deltagere og sanger i 2023” playlist). Winners’ names in bold:

  • Viktoria – “Set fire to the rain” by Adele: Viktoria received a standing ovation from all four judges. Yosef commented that she had been nervous prior to the performance, but that she’s all present in the moment now. Jarle said that he couldn’t sit still, and that Viktoria has matured.
  • Isak – “Half-hearted” by We Three: Isak got standing ovation from the public. Espen said it was a 6-star performance, that the song was difficult, but that Isak nailed it. For Josef, it was one of the best performances in The Voice, and that it was a 6/6 performance.
  • Kristoffer – “Left outside alone” by Anastacia: A standing ovation from the audience. For Ina, Kristoffer was unique and good to work with. She said she was proud of him.
  • Fredrik – “Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” by Sigvart Dagsland: Standing ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Josef was very proud, he said, and that Fredrik took all his advice. Ina said that it was so good.
  • Thomas – “Jeg har aldri sett elg” by No.4: Standing ovation from all 4 judges and the audience. Ina commented that he was fantastic to work with, that he listens, and that he’s a unique musician. Espen said Thomas has this peace, vibes, that makes the audience listens, and that he will be surprised if Thomas don’t make it to the next stage.

Seriously, Thomas’ performance was so emotional… He makes Norwegian songs very authentic. Anyway, there you have it: the Top 8 – Oda, Dag-erik, Ola Henrik, Kira, Isak, Kristoffer, Fredrik, and Thomas. 🙂

12.may Here comes the 2nd Live show 🙂 From 8 to 6 contestants. It’s going to be exciting! Public votes once again, count.

  • Dag-Erik – “Dancing on the ceiling” by Lionel Richie: Espen think it was a very good performance, that Dag-erik can deliver 100%. He said that Dag-erik is also easy to like.
  • Fredrik – “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla: Yosef said it was very good, that music was universal. Ina commented that Fredrik was so good, so real.
  • Kristoffer – “Jar of hearts” by Christina Perri: Ina said that she has never seen Kristoffer so stressed as now. She said Kristoffer have shown what kind of artist he is. Jarle said that Kristoffer is a package, with a new gift every time.
  • Kira – “Tattoo” by Loreen: Espen said it was both technically and emotionally good.
  • Thomas – “Bring him home” by Les Miserables: Ina said that she knew what Thomas was doing. She’s so proud, that working with Thomas was fulfilling, like art.
  • Ole Henrik – “Under your shirt” by Metteson: Jarle said that Ole Henrik was so good, always.
  • Oda – “Halv” by Jokke med Tourettes: Yosef said that Oda can do anything she wants, and that he was happy and proud that there’s a place for Oda on stage.
  • Isak – “I’ll be waiting” by Cian Ducrot: Espen commented that Isak was the definition of The Voice, every week, he grows. He said that Isak’s singing was clean and nice.

There you go.. the Top 6 – Dag-erik, Fredrik, Kristoffer, Kira, Thomas and Isak. It’s so sad… Ole Henrik and Oda are both very good artists… they also deserved to be on top. Oh well.. Up next, the Semi-finale!!

19.may Watching after my evening shift 🙂 It’s Semi-finale! Finally 🙂 From 6 to 4 contestants. The show opened with a number from Isak, Kira, Kristoffer, Thomas, Dag-erik and Fredrik.

  • Thomas – “En natt forbi” by Jan Eggum: Ina said that every time Thomas gets up on stage, it was like art. That it was good to work with him. Jarle said thanks. Yosef said that Thomas had a way of expressing emotions through music.
  • Dag-erik – “Won’t go near you again” by Unni Wilhelmsen: Espen commented that it was professional, fantastic performance. Yosef said that Dag-erik was very good, very popular among the masses.

  • Isak – “Alene sammen” by Emilie Hollow: Espen said that he was sceptic that Isak was singing in norwegian, but that Isak fixed it. Jarle commented that he was still sad that Isak didn’t go with his team. He also said he just closed his eyes while Isak sang, and that the vibrato was good. Ina said that it was real and genuine, 10/10.
  • Fredrik – “My way” by Frank Sinatra: Yosef said that it wasn’t a surprising choice because Fredrik was an old-soul, but at the same time, that fredrik told his own story. Ina thought he was huge energy, well-done. Espen said that Fredrik was the definition of an old-soul. Jarle commented that the message was delivered well.
  • Kristoffer – “Sound of silence” by Simon & Garfunkel: Ina said that she loved it from the start, and Kristoffer knew that what he was doing. Jarle said that Kristoffer owned the expression, and that the performance was very good. Yosef that Kristoffer was in the right team, like a horse in a lane. Espen said he was like a dark horse, that he was getting better, that he found the different ranges of his voice.

  • Kira – “Alone” by Heart: Espen commented that Kira was so secured, that he could just trust her, that she had enormous talent. Yosef said that Kira was an artist, that she has an elegant way of using her big voice. Jarle said that there was much personality and control.

There you have it – the Top 4 of The Voice Norway 2023: Isak, Thomas, Fredrik, and Kira!

26.may Blogging late – nightshift! It’s Grand finals! The show started with a number from the mentors, later joined by the final four contestants. Winner chosed by public votes.

  • Thomas – Go the distance by Michael Bolton: Ina said that she has rarely met a fighter, a smart, skilled and knows him/herself well. She said he was very good and will go the distance. Jarle said that he likes Thomas, and that he looks forward to what he will show. Yosef said that he was inspiring, very honest, and that many can learn from him.
  • Isak – Slo så hardt by Sondre Justad: Espen commented that Isak delivered, that he just got better and better, that he stood with security and musicality, that Isak was a real pop star. Ina said that she likes him and has followed him – well done. Yosef said that he was a fan of Isak, that Isak was still shy backstage, but that he blooms on stage. Jarle said that he hopes the song choice will push through.

  • Kira – What now by Rihanna: Standing ovation from all 4 mentors. Espen said the she derserved to be on the finals, that she delivered a good version of Er du nord and then she just got better, that she has vulnerability, phenomenal, fantastic.. Ina said that it was rare that someone works hard on their instrument. Jarle said that it was bomb, grenade.. that he thought Kira has extremely grown in the competition.
  • Fredrik – Befri meg by Jan Eggum: Yosef commented that he was glad that Fredrik fought for the song choice, that he was very proud of him. Espen said that he liked to follow him, that he has warmth, good song choice. Jarle said that how he sings was like how Robin Hood’s arrow meets the goal. Ina said that he could choose how long he could go.

The Final Two who vied for the championship were: Kira and Thomas!

  • Kira – Fordi jeg elsker deg by Bob Dylan: Espen said that it was very good and that he liked that she sang in Finnmark dialect, it worked for him. Jarles was also impressed. Josef said that he’s always about to stand for her, that how she delivers was so real and trustworthy, that he believes in her. Ina said that whatever happens, Kira should write songs.
  • Thomas – Vår beste dag by Eric Bye: Ina said that it has been an honor to know Thomas, to understand him.. she loved to be there, that she never has met someone like him and that he deserves everything. Espen said that he was always good, that he was very good, that it was impossible that he couldn’t be in the history.. Jarle said that it was like music therapy, that he got goosebumps and sweat behind the nicest jacket he was wearing, that it Thomas’ talent was a fantastic gift for people who listens to him.

And the Grand Champion of The Voice Norway 2023 is – – – – – – KIRA! 🙂


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