Gå 60 km i april (2 kms/day) challenge – for en verden uten MS!

This entry is to document my effort in support of the MS-forbundet (Multiple Sclerosis Association) fundraising action. The group was inviting everyone to create a fundraising page on FB, and to join them in achieving 60 kms of walking exercise this month. To make it a real challenge, I choose to do 2kms per day. 🙂 They sent a free t-shirt and a calendar to motivate participants.

I don’t know anyone from my social circle who suffers from MS, but I’ve worked in the neurology ward and have had patients with MS. This is to support research and other measures to empower persons with MS. I only gathered 250kr, but every øre counts. Here’s my facebook fundraising page: https://www.facebook.com/donate/168164672777765.

I hate working out, tbh. And doing this outside my already physically exhausting job would be a real challenge. So, let’s go accomplish! 🙂

April 1

Thank goodness, the first day fell on a weekend. The sun was up, many Norwegians have started their Easter holiday, and it seemed like a perfect geocaching day. So, I urged my husband to go with me. We drove to Husøy, an island in Tønsberg, Vestfold county. It was mixed geocaching and walking, thus, the slow pace. We parked by the Husøy church and started walking along the rocky coast. The island was amazing, with very few traces of winter. We found 4 caches. I felt really good after the walk, although it was only for ca 2.5 kms. We have many things to do at home, so that would have to do. 🙂

April 2

It’s Sunday. Thank goodness for the beautiful sunny day! My husband and I decided to take a short shopping trip to Sweden, so I had to squeeze in the 2km walk on the way. We stopped by the town of Askim in Østfold. Again, the walk was combined with geocaching. We found 3 caches. 🙂 It was pretty cold and I had to use the loo, so we left Askim when the 2kms was accomplished. Let’s go, world w/o MS!

April 3

Evening shift later today, so, squeezing my walk in early in the morning. It’s fr*akin’ -5C outside, but I did it. 🙂

April 4

Evening shift later today, so, squeezing my walk in early in the morning. Deja vu? Nope. That’s just how my life is… 🙂 It was -2C this morning. It’s getting better.

April 5

+4C today and sunny! 🙂

April 6

So, it’s +2C. I woke up at 7, thinking that I should do my walk early due to the snow forecast from noon time. But meh.. It started snowing the moment I stood up from my coffee and put on my jacket. It was very windy at the start of the walk, with tiny ice balls going berserk in all directions, well, mainly horizontally. After a moment, the wind subsided, and it was a beautiful snowy day.. Big and light snowdrops. I had my umbrella with me because.. meh, I’m an immigrant. Evening shift later 🙂

April 7

I had day shift today. It was exhausting. I really don’t like evening-day shifts.. I’m a light sleeper and it takes me a long time to fall asleep. Last night, I slept from 00-02. And then, de nada. When I got home, I ate, napped, and then put on my sneakers. It was a nice walk around the neighborhood, with 3C temperature. And what beautiful sunset!

April 8

Finally, some free time! Although I have my master’s thesis to finish.. Today, I did the 2kms in Verdens ende, literally “the world’s end”. It’s our second visit, and we enjoyed the fresh sea air. Many people spent their Black Saturday there.

April 9

Happy Easter! The sun is once again up. Today’s walk happened along the coast of Lake Eikeren, with some exploring, checkin’ out an old saw mill and a hydropower plant. 🙂

April 10

It’s Easter Monday – still a holiday in Norway! We went geocaching in Horten. It was a nice, although very cold, walk. Found 4 caches, plus, we saw some snøklokka/vintergæk aka snowdrops – a sure sign of spring! 🙂

April 11

It rained all day. At +6C in the rain, the walk was all boring, so part of it was spent inside a mall.

April 12

Another gray and gloomy day. Slow walk today.

April 13

It’s another rainy day. Did my 2 km-walk in Mjøndalen. Hubby had to get some car parts, and I got myself a (hopefully) durable water and wind resistant jacket that I’d use next week. This gloomy weather is really getting me down.

April 14

So, my phone and app decided to not sync / work today. I reinstalled the watch, but it didn’t help. I updated the software, but still, no effect. Good thing I managed to take a pic of the details on the watch before it completely disappeared. +6C today and cloudy 🙂

April 15

Did my 2kms in Reykjavik, Iceland today. Badly needed vacay. 🙂 Actually, mixed vacay and master thesis revising.

April 16

Today’s itinerary was the Golden Circle. My feet are sore, and had to do the 2kms in intervals because the watch app stopped recording. We visited the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir, the Gullfoss waterfall, the Faxifoss waterfall, the Kerid Crater and the Urridafoss waterfall. “Foss” is the scandinavian word for waterfall, so it’s maybe redundant to say -foss waterfall, buut anyway 🙂 We got to the hotel a bit early so I can work on my master thesis a bit.

April 17

Had another amazing day in Iceland. We visited many sites, and chose the walk in the Solheimajökull glacier for my 2km-walk.

April 18

The exploring continues.. We visited the Diamond beach and the Svartifossen (waterfalls). For this challenge, I chose the stats for the hike to Svartifoss.

April 19

A brand new day in Iceland. Did the 2km-walk with my husband, visiting the foot of the Svinafellsjökull glacier, before leaving Skaftafell. On the way to Reykjavik, we aso visited the Dverghamrar (elves’ cliff), Reynisfjara beach and Skogafoss waterfall. My heart is full ❤

April 20

Today, we visited the Kirkjufell (oh boy, was it super windy there!) and the Ytri Tunga. In Ytre Tunga, we walked under the sea to get closer to seals! It was low tide.. I saw the seal from afar, but Carl got to see them more up close. I gave up traversing the piles of slimy, slippery sea weeds and rocks, and I was scared the water was creeping back in very fast! Darn, my watch failed to record the walk, for the second time now. But here’s photo proofs.

April 21

Today, we visited the Phallus museum, the Zoo, and the Botanical Garden in Reykjavik. I managed to record the walk in the Botanical Garden. In the afternoon, we drove to Keflavik and did more walking there.

April 22

We traveled back to Norway today. We spent the rest of the day doing some household chores (Carl fixing the car, me the house and laundry and kitchen) and so, I didn’t get to do 2km outside. Sorry 😦

April 23

I’m still beat from the traveling. I also had to make more progress in my masters thesis (which I was also working on while in Iceland). We picked up the kittens, did more household chores, and so.. 😦 And the only photo on my phone today was our dinner. Made some baked chicken – it was delicious, according to hubby.

I’ll do a lot of walking this coming week, working 6 days in the hospital this week. 🙂

April 24

Monday today, and a rainy day. I couldn’t walk outside job, dayshift, so I hope the steps in the hospital would do. No tracker, sadly.

April 25

Another busy day in the hospital, dayshift. And darn, was it a snowy morning! In April. I also walked to and from the venue of the general assembly for homeowners in the evening. I was beat!

April 26


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