RoadTrip #37.6: Eurotrip Day 6/13 – From Porrentruy, CH to Meiringen, CH (ft. Sainte-Colombe cave, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town Bern, and the turquoise lakes of Thunersee and Brienzersee, via the Crash Landing On You shooting location – Iseltwald)

On Day 6 of the roadtrip, we explored beautiful Switzerland, one of our favorite countries. It’s my 3rd visit, and I really wanted to have a photo at the shooting location of the Korean series, Crash Landing on You. On the way there, we visited the grotto of Sainte-Colombe, and the vibrant medieval city of Bern, which is a UNESCO WHS. We also dropped by two turquoise blue lakes – which I believe is what I remember most about Switzerland.

Here’s our route for the entire roadtrip last summer:

We had an okay night at Hotel Bellevue, and this was the review I left them: “Big spacious room, although the placement of furniture and tv was a bit “off”. Low bed, but good enough. Adapter provided. Big parking space! Breakfast was well-presented, but limited choices. No fan. And it states on the confirmation that there was a balcony, but there wasn’t. It’s ok though.” We enjoyed their breakfast before heading out again on the road early in the morning.

As with the entire trip, we were spontaneous about where to go and which attraction to check out. We’ve previously visited Geneva and Basel, so for this trip, we thought that it would be cool to discover the UNESCO WHS of Bern. On the way, we passed by a realigious cave, which is in use up to this day. It has a gate, a garden and an altar. The cave, or grotto, is ancient and was already mentioned in documents from the 13th century. People believe that miracles can happen in the cave, and so, it has become a site for pilgrimage for Christians. More about the cave of St. Colombe here:

The narrow roads had nature as backdrop, until we reached Bern.

Bern is the administrative capital of Switzerland, and its Old Town has been in the list of UNESCO WHS since 1983. Bern is a big city, very vibrant and alive. Beautiful buildings. Lots of tourists. We parked by the Bear Park, which housed a number of bears, to which the city owed its name.

Then, we started walking across the bridge and on to the Old Town, founded in the 12th century. The city is surrounded by the river Aare. Some of the city’s popular attractions, which I remember, are the Zytglogge (Clock Tower) and Einstein house.

Felling hungry, we bought some pie from a food market lining one of the cobbled stone streets. Then, more exploring, checking out the cathedral and narrow alleyways.

I think that Bern is one of the most beautiful capital cities we’ve been to. It was just surreal. Our eyes literally feasted on the architecture and layout of the city. Before we left, I bought some cookie and postcards.

On the way, we were planning where to stay for the night. Of course, I had to see the filming location, and then, I don’t really mind where we stop after that. 🙂 We passed by town of Thun, where the refreshing aquamarine lake of Thun (Thunersee) got its name. We stopped by for a second to enjoy the moment 🙂

Just look at that clear, bluegreen water. It’s so beautiful ❤

Now, going to Iseltwald, where the filming of Crash Landing On You happened, was a bit tough during summer last year due to roadworks! It almost got into our nerves… We missed exits and had to drive the same road like 2-3 times. We almost gave up… But Carl followed his instinct, and we took the narrow road right by the lake Brienzersee instead. I was so anxious that we were following a dead-end road, but luckily, we weren’t. There were small beaches on the way which led us to actually feel the waters of the lake.

A few moments (hours?) later, we reached Iseltwald – a small, pretty village first mentioned in the 1100s. There were many tourists, mostly Asians, lined up to take a photo on the exact platform where the main character Ri Jeong Hyeok played his piano. 🙂 So, I just enjoyed the view from a distance.

It was an uphill walk back to the parking lot, but my fangirling heart was happy 🙂

We decided then to stay in Meiringen for the night. According to the locals, it was the birthplace of the meringue! We surely had to try their meringue before leaving the next day, eh?

Hasli Lodge has got three beds for us, with beautiful views from the window. They also have free parking space, but it was not the spacious. We had some dinner in the restaurant downstairs, and I spent the rest of the night writing postcards.

So, there goes Day 6 of our roadtrip last summer. 🙂 Switzerland remains as one of our favorite countries – and we wouldn’t mind going back again. Until next entry!




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