RoadTrip #37.7: Eurotrip 7/13 – From Meiringen, CH to Feldkirch, AT (ft. the fascinating Aare Gorge, enjoying some delicious meringue in Meiringen, the aquamarine Lake Lungern, and the coastal town of Hergiswil)

Here comes Day 7 of our Eurotrip last summer 🙂 One week on the road and we’re still hyped! We walked along the Aare Gorge, then, enjoyed some meringue in Meiringen while gazing at beautiful panoramic views. After that, we continued driving north, passing by the refreshing Lake Lungern, the coastal town of Hergiswil, and some Swiss cows grazing in green fields. We crossed the border to Liechtenstein, and then to Austria.

Here’s our entire route, c/o Google Maps:

We had a safe night staying in Hasli Lodge, and I left them this review: “Free parking, spacious room, nice view from the window, ok breakfast selection. Washing machine available, but dryer doesn’t work. No warm water in the shower. Toilet seat cover/ring was of the wrong size. No fan in the room. Otherwise, it was an ok stay! Good restaurant for dinner.” It might sound complaining, but it was a score of 9.

Our first stop was the Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht). It’s a 1.4 km- gorge formed throughout the years. Visitors can choose between the eastern and western entrance. We took the western entrance, paid for the tickets, and started the walk through the gorge. Information about the Aare Gorge, its prices and opening hours can be found here:

The walk was pretty easy, yet very exciting. We started the descent near the running waters through a wooden walkway. The water was aquamarine, and I couldn’t help but be awed by the limestone formations. Most parts of the gorge was 200 meter deep.

We also passed by some eroded portions, so watch out for falling rocks. Along the way were information boards, so one could learn about the interesting parts of the trail.

Later on, we reached the parts with tunnels and narrow pathways!

I actually miss the place right now. I’m wondering where we could do some activity like that here in Norway. We do have gorges, and lots of natural wonders. 🙂 Instead of walking back, we decided to wait for the train going back to the western entrance. It was a very refreshing walk.

And before leaving Meiringen, we had to try meringue, straight from its “birthplace”. We drove up the mountain, initially trying to look for the Reichenbach waterfalls, but ended up just enjoying the views from Gasthaus Zwirgi restaurant. We enjoyed the experience, although I thought that it was rude for the waiter to stop me from taking pictures, saying that phones were not allowed and that tourists should just enjoy the view. Well, I was enjoying the view, and part of it was taking photos. To each his/her own. 🙂

For the night, we decided to stay in Austria (more options, and cheaper). We left Meiringen and drove northward. We stopped for a stretch by the Lake Lungern.

For lunch, and to send postcards, we stopped by the little coastal town of Hergiswil. I had some pasta arrabiata, which was overly spicy! Carl said that the roadway to the town (first pisture below) was in his computer game, which I don’t remember the name. In Hergiswil, we visited the church and enjoyed the views by the water.

Moving on, we had to stop when we saw big cows happily grazing in the green fields. Their big bells were so pleasant to listen to!

At around 4pm, we crossed the bridge border to Liechtenstein. But we decided to save the sightseeing for the next day. So, here’s a quick glimpse:

And 15 minutes (only) later, we crossed the border between Liechtenstein to Austria. Feldkirch is a medieval town, although sadly, we didn’t get to explore the place that much. We only went to the grocery store and the postoffice. Well, we also passed by one of its main attractions, the Katzenturm (Cat tower), which was built as part of the city’s defence system.

We stayed in Hotel Bären for the night.

Day 7 went amazingly well, and we were excited to check out my 26th visited country – Liechtenstein, the following day. 🙂




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