RoadTrip #37.8: Eurotrip 8/13 – From Feldkirch, AT to Füssen, DE (ft. the ski-resort village of Malbun in Liechtenstein, and Lindau island on Lake Constance, Germany)

On Day 8 of our roadtrip last summer, we checked out my 26th visited country, Liechtenstein, which is the 6th smallest country in the world. Liechtenstein is known for its mountains and medieval castles. We rode an open chair lift and had some delicious apple strudels on top of a mountain in Malbun, and took a stroll around its capital city, Vaduz. Afterwards, we took the road northward and had lunch in the vibrant Lindau island on Lake Constance in Germany.

Here’s our entire route for the trip, c/o Google Maps:

The night at Hotel Bären in Feldkirch, Austria wasn’t that bad. We gave a score of 9, and here’s my review: “Spacious room, good shower, good breakfast, free parking space, and a big fan in the room. The only downside was no wifi in our room (told the staff, but could do nothing about it) and the dirty walls and carpet, especially in the hallways.

We enjoyed the complimentary breakfast, and before we knew it, we were on the road again. Liechtenstein is small, as mentioned, so we spontaneously decided to visit the only skiing resort up its alpine mountains. Malbun is located 1600 masl. The whole trip was an ascent, and on the way, we passed by the Vaduz castle, the official residence of the country’s princes. So, we chose not to stop by it and take photos. Prince Hans-Adam II is the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein. 🙂

The views to Malbun were stunning! It was a bit hard to stop though. And up in Malbun was another story. There were beautiful resort houses, and everything was just green! I got my passport stamped in the visitor center for a small fee.

In Malbun, one can take the Sareis chairlift. We’re both scared of heights, but we battled it and went hanging up in the air! Still coulnd’t believe we went for it. The land below looked amazing – it was like the Teletubby land 🙂 Or Heidi’s turf in the animated tv series.

On top was a restaurant, where we had delicious apple strudels! I’d always crave for apple strudels from that region – south Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein..

It was just amazing to be there at that moment, and then, it was time to go down via chairlift again. My heart almost jumped out of my chest… I didn’t want to go; I was scared.. But we had to 🙂

And this was how the drive back to Vaduz looked like:

Before leaving Liechtenstein, I had to write and mail postcards. We stopped by the towering Kathedrale St. Florin. Here’s a glimpse of the capital city:

We left Leichtenstein at around 12 noon. Despite the short visit, it really left an impression. Two hours later, we found ourselves in Lindau, Germany. It was teeming with tourists (or maybe lots of locals, too). We took a stroll, then, had some “authentic” Bavarian cuisine. Supposedly.. There were lots of attractions to see on the island, and I let the photos below speak for it:

For the night, we’re staying at Hotel Ruchti – Zeit für mich in Fussen. It has a beautiful location, and was a short drive to the Neuschwanstein Castle. (Wee, finally). We got a nice balcony and views of the Bavarian mountains.

We were both beat, so we didn’t see much of Füssen. However, something funny (or even dodgy) happened to me while we’re buying some snacks from a grocery there. Carl was already inside the store, and I had to get something from the car, so I was still outside. A guy approached me, showed me his arm with a syringe on one hand, and asked if I wanted some. Lol. I thought he needed help and was just showing me something. I was dumbfounded and was literally confused about what he was selling me. When I finally realized it, I immediately said ‘No!’ and ran towards the store. I told Carl about it in the car, but the guy was already nowhere to be found. I think it was the first time I encountered a substance seller; it was scary!

Anyways, I was excited to finally visit the Neuschwanstein castle the next day. I really dig castles and the medieval era. So, until the next entry 🙂




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