About Maerose ✿⊱╮

Hi! I’m Maerose S Clausen Nielsen – a Filipina girl in my early-30’s, currently based in Norway. In 2013, I decided to embark on a journey, so I packed my stuff and moved to Europe. I spent 22 years and 11 months in the Philippines, 2 years and 3 months in Denmark, 7 years and counting in Norway… Now, you can guess my age. *laughs* I love to travel and experience new things. So far, I have visited (some re-visited many times) 27 countries. I also have 2 bachelor degrees, and currently pursuing a master’s degree. 

I created this blog, first and foremost, to document my trips, and secondly, to share travel tips and information to the world. I started this blog in April 2015, although I have already been blogging even years before.  I blog for fun, and I appreciate other people who share the same passion. ❤ Living far from my family, I also relied on social media to stay connected with them and my old friends from the places I’d been. 

Some words you can associate with me:

. Food & nature. Loves to travel. Multilingual. Geocacher. Postcrosser. Soul-searcher. Crazy in love w/ my Swedish-Norwegian husband. “Matmor” to happy housecats Missy Esperanza (“Missy”) and Maxximilian (“Maxx”). Penny-pincher. Dreamer. Old soul. A tad OC. Licensed Teacher. Registered Nurse. Masters student in Geriatric Healthcare (geriatrisk helsearbeid). Young@heart.

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© pinayodyssey, Kolsåstoppen in Norway

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Why “Pinay Odyssey”?

Pinay” is the Tagalog informal/slang term for a Filipina. I am proud of my heritage, of where I came from, of the Filipino culture. Despite the influence of the place where I live in right now, I still make sure to practice some of the values and traditions that was instilled in me by growing up in the Philippines.

Odyssey“, according to Cambridge Dictionary, means “a long, exciting journey”. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune” and as “an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest”. I love both definitions, and they all fit perfectly to my life as a person who loves to travel. In addition, I am also a fan of classic literature. So, it is also inspired by Homer’s epic poem: The Odyssey. 😉

Catching the dancing northern lights in 2020 (Tromsø, Norway)

Think positive thoughts, smile, and carpe diem!

PS. Thank you for following my blog and/or liking my facebook page. I often return the favor and put your blog in the Roll! Heh 😛 K. Tnx. Bye. Love you ❤

PPS. I’m a newbie travel blogger. I’d appreciate a visit, a follow, or a comment from you. If you have tips on how I can improve it, hit me w/ a msg. 🙂


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