Oslo: The Tiger City (Part 1)

Woot! Hej så! 😉

Nåh.. I can’t believe I am done with the 3 seasons of the Netflix series, Lilyhammer. The series was set in the town of Lillehammer in Norway. It’s about a Mafia gang member who had chosen to retire in the cold, cold town. He changed his name, and operated a night club called Flamingo. It was a really cool series, and I wish they would make season 4.

I have started getting myself used to the Norwegian accent. Love the singing language! But I’m quite afraid I’d lose my neutral English accent when I move there. haha

Anyway, Norway is already one of my favorite places on Earth. While I have only stayed there for a week, I enjoyed every bit and piece of my first visit. It was summer of 2013 when my friend and I took the 8-hour long bus ride to and fro Oslo. The scenery was amazing! (The bus ride.. nope. So I suggest you stay longer than a couple of days if you travel from Copenhagen to Oslo by bus.) You can buy bus tickets here: http://www.nettbuss.no/

The first couple of days we spent in a typical Norwegian wooden cabin by the wonderful Lake Hemnessjøen in Akershus. Afterwards, hosted by Mirry and Peter, I visited 200 sculptures in a day at Vigeland Park. The last couple of days were spent in the cozy city of Oslo with my youngest aunt to my father’s side. My aunt has been living in Norway for many years, and thanks to her, I got a glimpse of what Oslo is like in summer.

Welcome to Oslo!
Welcome to Oslo! (Grand Hotel Oslo)

Oslo is also known as the Tigerstaden or the Tiger City. The nickname came from Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson’s “Sidste Sang”, a poem about a horse and a tiger. The horse represents the countryside, whereas the tiger portrays the city.

Welcome to Oslo’s Walking/Shopping street!

city 5

Freia, a Norwegian chocolate candy manufacturing company
Freia, a Norwegian chocolate candy manufacturing company

In the city center you will find the Stortinget or the Norwegian parliament building. Designed by the Swedish architect, Emil Victor Langlet, the building was first used in 1866. It features an eclectic style of architecture.

Stortinget Parliament


There was a demonstration being conducted by Iranians in the city when I visited in 2013. Hence the flag and the banner.

Another notable building in Oslo is the National Theater. It is the largest and most famous theater in Norway. Gosh, I swear I will watch something artistic there in the future. 😉 The building was opened in 1899 and has been promoting Norwegian plays and artistic performances since then.

city 13

Beautiful fountain by the National Theater
Beautiful fountain by the National Theater

One thing I really like about Norway is the beautiful combination of nature and modern structures. Just have a look at this busy paved street lined with trees!

city 4

There are many statues, parks and museums in the city center, enough to spend a day with interesting sights.

In front of Karl Johan Hotel
In front of Karl Johan Hotel
Oble? Bahooooo....
Oble? Bahooooo….

city 6

The blue tram
The blue tram


So there — bits and pieces of the Oslo City Center. Next time, I’ll take you further down the Oslo Havn or Oslo port where one can take a ferry boat to see more of Oslo from the waters. 😉 And maybe a glimpse of the beautiful Oslo Opera House? 😉 I need to go down in Copenhagen now to join my sister for a dinner buffet. See you!

Oslo <3
Oslo ❤

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