RoadTrip #6.1: Ålesund – The Adventure Capital of the Norwegian Fjords

I’ve been wanting to visit Ålesund for quite a long time, so I was excited when we finally managed a tour to the picturesque city in the western coast. Ålesund is known for colorful buildings in Art Nouveau architectural style. A quick hike to Mount Aksla gives amazing panoramic views of the peninsula and the surrounding island – a popular backdrop for photographers!

Our route, c/o Google Maps

The sky was gray in Ålesund that morning. After a nice night sleep in one of the cabins in Volsdalen camping, we packed our stuff up and got ready to move on. I wouldn’t miss the viewpoint on top of Aksla, of course. It’s like the perfect proof of having visited the city. But before that, I took some time to admire the beauty of the camping place.

Volsdalen Camping
Volsdalen Camping
Volsdalen Camping

We stayed in Cabin #7. Although we purchased a bigger tent the day before, we opted to sleep in a cabin due to the “nice” wet weather in Ålesund upon our arrival. 🙂 Then, we drove off to Aksla mountain first and foremost in the morning. No breakfast yet. We thought that it would be good to get there early, to avoid a possible crowd. 🙂

On Mount Aksla Viewpoint (189 moh), there was a restaurant called Fjellstua. It was closed that day, but the viewing platform was open.

Fjellstua – Aksla

One can admire the beauty of Ålesund from the viewing platform – the city and the surrounding islands. As of 2020, Ålesund is the 13th most populous city in Norway.

Beautiful Ålesund
Beautiful Ålesund
Close up
Ships and stuff
The only crowd we had to compete with
A different angle

To get to Mount Aksla viewing point, one can drive, take public transport, or walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park. There was a geocache located midway the steps, so I decided to go down and take it.

Taking the stairs down to the Town Park (Byparken) to look for the geocache
Going down
Where millions of Instagram photos were taken
Where the geocache was located, found and logged! 😉

Going down was a piece of cake. I even stumbled upon local, or maybe not, strolling. They appeared to be very friendly. They smile and greet, and one woman even told me What a great day for a stroll, yes?, (in Norwegian). It left a very good impression of the locals in Ålesund.

Anyway, going up without a water bottle left me with amazing photo opportunities, and a very dry throat!

Just me going back up
Amazing Ålesund

We headed down the city center to get some breakfast. I also had a webinar that day about digitalization of health services, so I ended up in the underground parking lot of a big city mall, while Carl went out to pick some easy brunch (burger and fries). 🙂

The (wet) road from Mount Aksla

Before leaving Ålesund, we went to visit the Atlanterhavsparken Akvarium og Vitensenter (Atlantic Seapark Aquarium and Science Center). That I will write about in the next entry. 🙂 #Spreadloveandpositivevibes



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