RoadTrip #6.3: Driving from Ålesund to Geiranger – I’m in awe! (Storfjorden, Korsmyra, Ørnevegen og -svingen, etc)

The trip from Ålesund to Geiranger induced a feeling of inspiration and awe. Nature and landscape were amazing, and I was just glad that we could stop over to capture the moments. From beautiful mountains and fjords to exhilirating zigzag and winding roads – it was a roadtrip to remember!

If you missed the route for the entire road trip #6, you can find it here: From Ålesund to Geiranger road route.

Bye, bye Ålesund

From the Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium and Science Center, we drove on to Linge ferjekai (port) to take the ferry. The weather was bright and sunny, unlike yesterday. We went through some tunnels, and passed by some farmy animals. It was hard not to stop by and just let yourself be engulfed by the amazing views! For instance, there was the Storfjorden (can be translated as “the big fjord”), a 110-km long fjord in Sunnmøre region in Møre og Romsdal country. It was absolutely stunning!

Meeting point
Watch out for these road kings!
Storfjorden, living up to its name

At 14:26 pm, we reached the port. It was a quick crossing from Linge to Eidsdal, about 13 minutes. The ferry was being operated by Fjord1 and it goes every 30 minutes. We didn’t even get the chance to get off the car. But it’s ok! Then, we followed Road 63 down to Geiranger.

Linge ferry port
Waiting for the boat
Linge-Eidsdal ferry

From Eidsdal, it took about an hour to get to Ørnesvingen, a viewing platform or lookout point towards the Geirangerfjord, by car. Well, it included short stopovers for geocaches, WC or selfies. It was smooth sailing, to say the least. From time to time, we saw farmy animals grazing in the green grasses.

Somewhere down the road to Geiranger
Anywhere with you
Rastplass ved Eidsvatnet (lake)
By the Eidsvatnet (lake)

Beautiful landscapes, as you can see on the photos above. By God, the artist?

Grass is greener in Norway

A little before Ørnesvingen, we passed by Korsmyra. I remember bickering with Carl about stopping or not stopping, and then deciding to make a u-turn and stopping. XD It was a very nice spot offering breath-taking views. Well, it was before Ørnesvingen – we didn’t know yet what was waiting ahead of us! I also saw some people on their way to hiking from Korsmyra.

View from Korsmyra
Hiking routes from Korsmyra

And then, there was Ørnesvingen! It was exciting to find a parking spot in the bend, but stopping over was absolutely a must! It was breath-taking, just awe-inspiring! So hard not to fall in love with the Geiranger fjord – it was stunning! Of course, pictures are better than words, so here are some:

Ørnesvingen waterfall
Geiranger is legit! View from Ørnesvingen

I hope my shots did some justice to the place. 🙂 Carl already had many experiences with thrilling zigzag roads (thanks to Trollstigen), but it we still got very excited driving down Ørnevegen. The road starts from ca 625 meters above sea level and has 11 hairpin bends. Thank goodness, it was summer! I can only imagine how it would be in winter icy roads.

Traversing Ørnevegen

Finally, we reached the small Geiranger sentrum. We chose a nice spot at Geiranger camping, and put up the new bigger tent. One thing I could say – it was dreadfully cold in Geiranger in early September! So camping was a challenge – although I remember it to be a cozy and peaceful night! A bit scary, maybe? It was pitch dark – I could barely see the surrounding mountaing during the night. Stars were beautiful though. Anyway, the day was still young at 4 pm. After putting up the tent, we explored the place a bit and grabbed some dinner of pizza and fish and chips in one of the restaurants there.

Geiranger camping
Geiranger camping – ready for the night!
A river flowing to Geiranger fjord

Because of the cold, I was ready to call it a day at 5pm! But Carl, after driving for only about 2,5 hours, felt like he wanted/needed to drive some more. So we decided to go to the Dalsnibba skyview – not knowing what was waiting for us! I’ll write more about that in the next entry, as I fell like it deserves an entry of its own. 🙂 For now, we were settled in Geiranger and just enjoyed the views. Until then! #spreadlove!


Beautiful Geiranger

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